Top 5 Underrated Arcade Games: Avalanche Reviews

Prime 5 Underrated Arcade Video games: Avalanche Opinions

Even although you usually tend to discover a bag crammed with cash, than a contemporary arcade, I nonetheless have a whole lot of love for this endangered species. It looks as if now that the arcades have passed by the wayside, players are likely to solely bear in mind these common machines from their childhood. Effectively, I’ve had about sufficient of that! At the moment let’s check out a few of these arcade classics that deserve simply as a lot consideration as greats like TMNT and Mortal Kombat.

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23 thoughts on “Prime 5 Underrated Arcade Video games: Avalanche Opinions

  1. Battletoads is broken. It's a beautiful game, the punches are satisfying and I've love to like it… but it's a broken quarter muncher. If the AI wants to steal you, they will do it, they will interrupt your combo or break your prefference no matter what, because the game wants you to die at that point, TMNT arcade style. It's a shame because the game looks fantastic and controls well, but it's not at all an underrated game.

  2. Dunno how obscure it is but remember those boxing machines with the 9 different pop up things you had to hit to win? There was a Barcade in my area that used to have a Fist of the North star one, same general concept except you could unlock a "finisher" where all the pop up things activated and you had to hit them as fast as possible to rack up your score, somebody broke it though so I never got to try the thing; but it looked REALLY fun.

  3. If you didn't grow up in arcades or have them around you or you were not around them or even looking around for good arcade games, I think maybe ST would perhaps been the only one along with WJ to escape me. There are a whole lot of others that I have come across over the years, one specifically I never got or remember the name of it. I tried to search for it based on the meta from memory but still haven't managed to come across any information about it. Though, with Mame being upwards of .2XX, the original time I played the game was on Mame at .6X on the orginal Xbox.

    Perhaps one day, I will come across it again and enjoy.

    Otherwise, good vid, though perhaps dated by now. 😀

  4. Dude did you ever play the Punisher Arcade only game?! I use to think I imagined it, because everyone I ever asked about it never saw or remembered it. But the other day I finally found it and played it again! We finally beat it to. Sooo good:)

  5. Dude I remember some of these! Shock troopers looks so fun, and I never heard of that one. I just got the mame emulator. I cant wait to stream your entire list here on my channel. I just got done streaming some retro arcade games last week for the first time, and people loved it. I cant wait to show them these games, they are gunna flip out. Great job on this vid. You're the man!

  6. best way to play the entire alpha trilogy in my opinion is the alpha anthology collection for the ps2 because it includes the full arcade versions of all of the alpha games (even alpha 2 gold and also includes pocket fighter as an extra).

  7. Amazing games! Have you ever heard of Warzard/Red Earth? It’s an old Capcom arcade game that was sooooooooooo freaking cool!!! You never hear about it though. They have so many buried treasures that will unfortunately be lost one day.

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