Primal: The Awakening Prototype Review - A Deck Crafting Boss Battler Experience

Primal: The Awakening Prototype Overview – A Deck Crafting Boss Battler Expertise

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Primal: The Awakening is the second recreation from Reggie Video games, bringing a monster looking board recreation to the desk, with a give attention to deck constructing, upgrading and crafting weapons, armor, gear and extra, and offering a minimalistic board to navigate and plan round. Primal delivers a wonderful card recreation expertise, and a puzzle and world that I am unable to wait to proceed to dive again into…and but it additionally won’t be a recreation for you relying on what you are anticipating from this expertise.

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0:00:00 – Gameplay Overview
0:06:02 – What I Favored
0:12:55 – What I Did not Like
0:16:58 – What I Can See Others Not Liking
0:18:57 – Closing Ideas

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47 thoughts on “Primal: The Awakening Prototype Overview – A Deck Crafting Boss Battler Expertise

  1. I wanted to add one point that I forgot in my review. Character differences. While the monsters felt VERY different to me, requiring different styles to address…the characters are a mix. They did feel different to a small degree, but small is the key word. I would love to see them much more differentiated in their feel.

  2. Thanks. Probably not a game for me. It's going to be much too expensive for the card game it essentially is.
    Bookkeeping, Powergaming, Memory-Game, Larger-than-life heroes with oversized weapons… not for me.
    Mechanics sound better than I expected when I first saw the game. Nice filler I definitely would try if someone brought it to the table. But I guess I can easily pass on this one. Wallet is celebrating 😉

  3. Player elimination never is fun. What does this game do to avoid it?
    Lot of these games coming out back to back. Sounds like hype train everyone wants to cash in on. As long as it's not another Dark Souls the Board Game, or Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game, or what's going to add to that line up of bad games, Monster Hunter World the Board Game. Steamforge Games need to quit messing with IPs.

  4. It definately reminds me of 'monster hunter', where maybe you hit a certain piece of the monster multiple times and you damage it or , in this instance you do more damage. What would you it would be like as a solo experience?

    Also cost will be a big thing as i worry it'll be like kingdom death monster in terms of price. Not only that, now we have to make sure for us Euro people if VAT will be added at the end or not 🙁

  5. I will watch this campaign intently, but I have big reservations about it. I dislike the idea of circling a giant winged monster and hacking it to death when it could probably, you know, FLY AWAY XD. I also doubt that it will be particularly fun to replay, so may just wait to get it on the secondary market later if it turns out to be good, as I heard it will come to retail.

  6. Would the board help with the immersion in a level where a player that dropped Marvel Champions almost immediately because the immersion was removed by just playing yellow, yellow red, would still be able to like this in your opinion?

  7. It definitely sounds like something I would love gameplay-wise. It's a shame we probably never get a miniature-free version that I would be more interested to buy, but I'm sure it'll be a huge plus for many gamers given how good they look.

  8. card play from Marvel Champions with the campaign progression of KDM make it the first game i will likely go all in on which will likely cost less than what i've spent on either Marvel Champions or KDM. Thanks for the video

  9. I will get a lot of dislikes for this comment but here it goes …

    The game would be exactly the same tactical experience if you remove the minis and replace them with chess pieces, beans, buttons etc.

    I love minis in the games. This game has some fantastic minis but i can't shake the feeling they're not necessary. City building phase is already abstracted so the combat may as well be.

    Ask yourselves – would you back this game if there were standees instead of minis!

    As you all may see from this comment – I've expected more from this game.

  10. Alright, definitely added to my watchlist. My January interest is in this and Bloodstone, though my discretionary budget will probably only allow me to justify one of the two. Fortunately the campaigns should overlap so I'll be able to compare and contrast the content.

    This definitely sounds interesting given I still don't have a dedicated boss battler in my collection, and the minis look amazing, it'll just be whether that card based combat will gel with my gaming group in this setting.

  11. Realy like the look of the game and the art, but not sure about the gameplay. Never try this kind of deck-building game. Hoping for a full review (if you are planning to do one) once the KS campaign has been launched.

  12. Very interesting review! With the size the game is going to be with 12+ big monster minis, this is definitely one I will be encouraging a friend of mine (who is already interested) to get!

  13. oh man…here I thought 2021 will be a year of very fee and super selective purchases :/

    PS: I enjoy that this can co-exist with KDM in the collection. Seems like it works very well as one off scenarios/fights

  14. Thanks for the review! The game looks great but I really liked when you compare it with Marvel Champions. I LOVE Marvel champions, so I feel like I don't need another game that plays similar to it, and Marvel Champions is already very expensive. So I will pass on this one.

  15. KoA previews had me looking forward to this for awhile. During your pre-review though I kept thinking it sounded like Thunderstone Quest, which I have and still have much to finish. In the end you made some comparisons with Marvel Champions which sort of confirmed it for me. Thinking I may just skip this and stick with Thunderstone Quest. Would you agree or do you think there's enough difference there to push me towards Primal?

  16. I tend to lose interest in co-op games after I've beat them, so I gravitate more towards the ones w/ expansions, variable bosses, etc. I'm glad the 2 monsters in the prototype feel distinctly different. That is likely what I'll weigh the most when deciding to back this game. It is a boss battler, so I'm already interested. And the gameplay itself does seem at least interesting (I do enjoy Marvel Champions, tho it isn't mindblowing). But if the 12 monsters give me 12 fairly unique experiences, I think it'll be worth getting for me. Thanks for the video!

  17. I like this monster hunter game with out the ip, but I wonder since it is a boss fighting game, how do you think it compares to townsfolk tussle? You really picked my interest but I need to remind I already backed tt and I do t have that game play time not space

  18. I'll probably stick with Marvel Champions and Townsfolk Tussle. My gaming group doesn't have a huge appetite for cooperative boss battle games, so I don't think backing Primal makes sense from economic/shelf space/time perspectives. As someone else mentioned, I might be interested in a standee version that would cut down on the price and shelf space required for the game. But standee versions of kickstarter games generally don't do well.

  19. I wonder why they didn't just go to Capcom for a monster hunter license. Almost everything is a copy lol. Not that I really care.
    These boss fights look like the dark souls board game, which I did really like.

  20. The sequence management is a concern. But I’m still on board at this point!

    Are you able to talk more about the loot and crafting system?
    Does the monster drop the same number of crafting items per win?
    How is the loot distributed amongst players? Do you need to beat the same monster multiple times to collect enough loot to craft gear?

    Is there elemental pros and cons to gear and monster matchups?

  21. Definitely backing! I was confident but unsure until I saw yours and KOA’s reviews. lol now all I have to do is decide what expansions to add on or the more likely option All In! 🙂 Thanks for a great and informative review!

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