PLAY THIS GAME: Max Reviews - Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator

PLAY THIS GAME: Max Critiques – Responsible Gear Xrd Revelator

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42 thoughts on “PLAY THIS GAME: Max Critiques – Responsible Gear Xrd Revelator

  1. Had a question. As someone who is trying to find a fg to get into is this game worth getting into? I've tried blazeblue cross tag. Dnt like it. I play mk11 a bit it's okay just seems like a lot to learn still. I'm also interested in undernight in birth.

  2. Idk man, The guilty gear series looks a little too crazy for me to get intom Im more of a fan of games like Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, and King of Fighters (kinda ironic since KOF has anime designs as well :P) . Aksys fighting games (to me at least) are a little to hige formeto get into, but that is just my opinion.

  3. Is this footage from ps4 running 1080 60fps? Maxed out graphics? It looks spectacular compared to my ps3 version where u sacrifice visuals for gameplay. My ps3 died.. seriously considering a PS4 now.

  4. It's a complex game, fine. It has cool mechanics, tutorials, etc… Cool.
    But anyway, I don't have any interest for this game..Why? For one reason.

    It's too damn "anime" for me.

    I played Guilty Gear games when I was young, I found the character design and their world were ok (Even if I still don't understand the story at all but, maybe, It's WAY simplier than I think.) But now, because I've some grudges against anime/manga, It's too….much for me now.

    This try–to-be-serious-but-act-silly atmosphere, everything is stylish-ed, "inhuman" voice acting which anyone doesn't want to shup up, lipsing,…. I can't anymore.

    And again, It's not Blazblue franchise. It's way more worse!

  5. I love the Guilty Gear series but with BlazBlue's Exceed Accel system, it just comes out on top of this game's Roman Cancel and Burst system. BlazBlue, to me, is far more complex with a lot more defensive options.

  6. This game really needs to break into the Western Market properly. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and the usual mainstays of the Western FGC but when you see them in EVO and compare to Guilty Gear… the game just shines and is well worth the gush.

    I'm really hoping Arc can push a bit more of an ad campaign into future installments (though it makes me slightly anxious that Revelator and Rev 2 are all in Japanese dubs, whereas SIGN had English dubs too – this needs to be a thing for it to reach a wider stream in the West)

  7. Great review. This is as good as fighting games get, it truly is. I picked up the Rev 2 upgrade version a few days ago having never played a Guilty Gear game before, and wow did it blow me away. The visuals, varied characters and fighting mechanics are all spectacular.

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