Era Game Reviews - Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders PC Game Review

Period Sport Opinions – Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders PC Sport Evaluate

In-depth PC recreation overview of Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, a traditional first-person shooter launched by Raven Software program in 1994.

Heretic is taken into account to be a “Doom clone”, derived from its use of the Doom engine by id Software program in addition to its related gameplay mechanics.

Period Sport Opinions is extra than simply evaluations of older PC video games from the 90’s. The in-depth evaluations not solely talk about the fundamentals just like the graphics and gameplay, but in addition appeared into the sport’s historical past, mods, tradition and neighborhood.

(Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders)


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47 thoughts on “Period Sport Opinions – Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders PC Sport Evaluate

  1. Wtf??? You name enough inovations/features that made this game revolutionary, you mention briefly (I'm faulting you for not going more in depth on this subject) the superb game design by the one and only J. Romero and yet you end your review by stating that it was just another okayish doom clone. This video is manure to say the least. I recommend anyone slightly interested to search elsewhere fair insights into Heretic. Btw the gzdoom source port is fully compatible with this game.

  2. I still think heretic is superior to doom. Enemies are more varied, weapons have two firemodes, map design is more complex and powerups can be used whenever you need them.

  3. Man this game. Just perfection. The setting, the sound, the graphics, just… everything. Loved it back then, even though I only played the shareware version. Gotta try out the rest of it finally…

  4. I recollect this era of games came with extremely long playable demos (Shareware) one could easily play 8+ hours in freeware, Challenging puzzle maps took precedence over story

  5. I don't agree on Heretic being an avarage shooter because Raven managed to do something that is very hard even if you use the same engine: Heretic played a lot like Doom yet it has its own distinct feel and little twists to the genre. I actually enjoyed it more than Doom. 🙂

  6. A sea of diamonds? Heretic came out in 1994, 1 year after Doom. Nobody was churning out fps games, since the genre itself was being born on the PC with doom. Rise of the Triad came out in 1995 and Strife in 1996. As a matter of fact you would not even be able to list five great fps from 1994. Heretic stood out not only by being one of the first games to use the doom engine but to do it in a fantasy world with unique looks and sounds.

  7. It DOES have many merits. It's a great game. The problem is, it really is nothing special because at the time, there were a LOT of games with many merits. The FPS genre at the time was churning out awesome games left and right. It's an awesome game, but compared to all the other awesome games, it's nothing special. A diamond in a sea of diamonds, if you will.

  8. I love your review of hexen and heretic. So many people don't know what a good medieval fps game is. The heretic and hexen games were the first games i ever played. These games never gets old in my opinion. But i think the ending in hexen 2s expansion was a ¨or is it¨ ending, if you know what i mean.

  9. Such a good game. From a time where games were simple and just fun. Where sounds and music werent anything more than mini sounds. This should be brought back, as welll as hexen but not as remakes.

  10. Watched this and your Hexen review and dude, your reviews are by far the best on the internet. To-the-point, in-depth, good video capture and great background info…just perfect and you can easily tell a hell of a lot more effort goes into these video reviews than most of the shit on YouTube claiming to be "reviews".

    Peace brah.

  11. @FinalStarmanDX Those are the keys I use, and I'm glad the game doesn't quit like doom does then you press "q" and it's assigned to something wile recording a lmp. And if I could, id make "r" the use key.
    What are your controls for doom or Heretic?
    mine are:
    Move Forward: W
    Move Backward: S
    Turn Left: K
    Turn Right: ;
    Use: SPACE
    Fire: O and right click
    speed on: (I use "joyb_speed 29" witch is just a technical way of saying autorun)
    Strafe on: L and left click
    Strafe Left: A
    Strafe Right: D

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