Pathetic: Intel Core i9-11900K CPU Review & Benchmarks: Gaming, Power, Production

Pathetic: Intel Core i9-11900K CPU Evaluate & Benchmarks: Gaming, Energy, Manufacturing

The Intel Core i9-11900K is a pathetic, embarrassing CPU that underperforms versus Intel’s personal 10900K. The 11600K is worthy of consideration as an excellent worth, however not the 11900K.
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The Intel Core i9-11900K CPU is a tough one. This CPU, just like the 11700K, is tough to justify — nevertheless it’s typically even more durable to justify than the i7-11700K, as a result of at the very least that one is cheaper. The 11900K finally ends up with fewer cores than the 10900K, and though cores aren’t all the pieces, these architectures do not change sufficient to make it an insignificant loss. The 11900K dropping two cores does damage its efficiency, significantly in manufacturing functions, and that relegates the CPU virtually completely to gaming — however even that is tough, particularly versus the AMD R9 5900X, AMD R7 5800X, and Intel’s new i5-11600K (and outdated 19-10900K).

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00:00 – Intel’s i9-11900K is Tough
04:35 – Blender 11900K CPU Rendering Benchmarks vs. 10900K, 5900X
05:23 – Chromium Code Compile CPU Benchmarks (11900K)
06:16 – 7Zip (Compression & Decompression) CPU Benchmarks
07:20 – Adobe Premiere Video Modifying & Rendering CPU Benchmark
07:35 – Adobe Photoshop on 11900K vs. 11600K, R9 5900X
07:56 – Pink Useless Redemption 2 11900K vs. R9 5900X
08:58 – Cyberpunk 2077 11900K vs. 11600K, and many others
09:33 – F1 2020 CPU Benchmarks on 11900K
11:17 – Three Kingdoms Finest Gaming CPUs
12:18 – Hitman 3 CPU Benchmarks
13:21 – Rainbow Six Siege (1080p & 1440p) Finest CPUs
15:38 – Grand Theft Auto V (1080p & 1440p) Benchmarks
16:37 – Energy Consumption on Intel i9-11900K
18:02 – Conclusion

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Testing, Writing, Lead: Steve Burke
Extra Testing, Writing: Patrick Stone
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

40 thoughts on “Pathetic: Intel Core i9-11900K CPU Evaluate & Benchmarks: Gaming, Energy, Manufacturing

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  2. I still don't get the explanation on why it loses 10 cores. They fit 10 cores on the last one, and that uses the exact same socket. Also in your shot of it I can see that the IHS is smaller. It literally doesn't make sense why they couldn't do it again

  3. Skylake, first and second generation are still selling at crazy high prices, and not doing well in performance compared to AMD’s Epyc, which is cheaper. I realize you don’t cover the server sphere. I just wanted to point out the Core i7/i9 are mirroring Intel’s other markets. My budget couldn’t afford Skylake. I choose a pair of 8-core Broadwells because that was the most I could afford to put in my rack.

  4. Look at your video mark 2:25 and see the emobossed spot on the lower left of the 5900x? My first batch (but NOT second) 5900x had a raised spot on the embossed marking on the cpu die. LOOK at yours. Probably impacts performance, because it created a gap around the raised embossed area. I noticed the second batch was flat there. I mean, I do some wood working, and the spot on the first 5900x was something I would have sanded out….. ON WOOD. lol.

  5. A bit inflammatory I think. So basically intel is still king at gaming, especially when considering lows and frame times, but falls short in work station tasks.. which, how many people does the average person know that lives on photoshop or is a youtuber? Of the many hundreds of gamers I have known in real life, I don't know a single youtuber, and maybe a couple side job photographers. 98% of everyone buying these level of cpu's are buying them for gaming and gaming only.
    I really think the synthetics have their place but really shouldn't be considered as the equal to gaming statistics (in my opinion). Great vid though, as usual.

  6. They should have called this the 11800K, and make it $420. That would have been fine. Priced at 5800x levels and slightly faster in gaming. Instead they decided to make a product that is even dumber than Nvidia‘s RTX 3090, and that’s a statement I never thought I‘d make.

  7. AMD’s ‘Ryzen’eration was Intel’s de’Zen’eration.
    5th generation Broadwell – 14nm
    6th generation Sky Lake – 14nm
    7th generation Kaby Lake – 10nm…nope, 14nm+
    8th generation Coffee Lake – 10nm…still no, 14nm++
    9th generation Coffee Lake Refresh – 7nm…nope, still 14nm+++
    10th generation Comet Lake – 7nm…still no, still 14nm++++
    11th generation Rocket Lake – 5nm…nope, still 14nm+++++
    12th generation Alder Lake – Where is the new process Intel?
    From Tick Tock to PAO (Process, Architecture, Optimization)
    Process – Broadwell 14nm
    Architecture – Sky Lake
    Optimization – Kaby Lake
    Process – NOPE
    Architecture – Coffee Lake
    Optimization – Coffee Lake Refresh
    Process – STILL NO
    Architecture – Comet Lake
    Optimization – Rocket Lake (mediocre refresh)
    Process – Alder Lake hopefully

  8. The Problem are the prices in reality and not msrp. Intel has his own fabs, therefore it don't suffer so much like AMD from the shortage that actual exists. And for the customer on the street, the only thing what matters is the price/performance. For instance Europe. I could buy two 9900k's for one r9 5900 cpu. This is the reality. 99% of the user will not see any performance difference in everyday tasks. But wait. If i build a new rig, put an Intel Cpu into and then i have 300-400€ left to blow up my GPU to the next higher tier. A 9900k with a nivdia rtx 3080 or Ryzen 9 5900 with RTX 3070 for the same amount of money. It's not hard to guess, which one to choose. Ryzen 9 5900 actual at 850€ = $1000,12 and Ryzen 9 5950 at 1000€ = $1.176,61 , intel 9900k is around 400€. Last week it was down on 369€. This situation if continue and AMD don't manage to get their production volumes straight, they will lose a lot of user.

  9. LMAO the "new" intel cpu here at intel we remove all those "extra" nasty heat producing cores and instead focus on the SINGLE CORE SINGLE THREAD BEAST : ). no longer do you have all these extra and unwanted cores and threads producing all that nasty extra HEAT stealing performance from the SINGLE CORE .we removed all extra cores focusing ALL power used and heat produced down to single core as it is all we have anymore : ), come and get your NEW single core single thread MONSTER : )

  10. The 11900k leaves the impression that Intel is struggling with their technology, they have had a massive lead in technology for many years and it looks like that era is over.

  11. Intel must have a review embargo that prevents anyone from comparing their i9 11900k with Ryzen 5900x with DX12 at anything above 1080p. I haven't found a review yet (other than problematic Cyberpunk) that shows gaming performance at 1440p and 4K against an 5900x. Anything less than these resolutions, you might as well buy a PS5/XSX.

  12. Do people actually discuss the products or just quote the same things he said in the video over and over again? Like damn, youtube got a bunch of parrots in the comment section

  13. intel is now dead in water for next 10 years or so.. fu** them they were selling stuff for double the price cuz they were top… carma is a b** same will happen to nvidia just wait for it

  14. As someone who has been team blue proudly for the last 10 years, I think it's fair to admit that AMD is currently ahead. Well, let me rephrase, you're stupid if you think otherwise. Obviously, if you have a 10th gen intel cpu, there is no point in upgrading (ngl still rocking a 4790k, waiting until ddr5 to upgrade to an amd cpu) but god damn they really killed intel. I hope Intel has massive performance gains next gen, because it's basically an unfair fight at this point.

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