Paprium for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive - REVIEW! - Game Sack

Paprium for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive – REVIEW! – Sport Sack

300 – After 8 lengthy years of close to silence, the crowdfunded sport Paprium lastly arrives in buyer’s arms. Does it stay as much as the hype? Let’s discover out!

Crowdfunded Video games episode about Paprium (timestamped) –

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34 thoughts on “Paprium for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive – REVIEW! – Sport Sack

  1. I was so exhausted from work when watching this and whilst wearing earphones that the ‘Mega Power Voice’ actually made me jump. The first time this has ever happened and I’ve been watching GameSack for years!

  2. I'd buy this on Steam or for a modern system. It almost looks gorgeous. I have an odd reaction to the graphics. They initially look impressive, but the animations are so darn weird. What is that third guy doing for his idle animation? Typing into the air? It does look good, but weird. I guess I'll only understand it if I play it while wearing that thong!

  3. I saw a Streets of Rage streamer play this and… man it looked so boring. No combo options, slow ass movement, stages that go on foreeeeeeeeeever… looks like a bad SoR copycat.

  4. "You didn't need to attach a Sega CD to the Super Nintendo to do this. The Super Nintendo was powerful enough to do it on its own. Does that mean the Super Nintendo is more powerful than Paprium?"
    Nice bit of trolling there.

  5. To me personally, all of the kind has already been implemented in Bare Knuckle 3/Streets Of Rage 3. Nothing worthy. It had to be Comix Zone 2 or Beyond Oasis 2 (or 3?) to gain my attention and respect.

  6. Mark bussler's classic game room youtube channel ultimately became '80s comics' which it is known as today and still has hundreds of classic classic game room episodes. Everyone go watch CGR.

  7. 11:48 as if a brand new vividly presented md arcade game with music using my favorite chipset of all time wasn't enough, they threw in some 16-bit babe bondage. they somehow figured out how to just siphon money directly from my bank account

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