Over the Hedge on PS2 [Game Review]

Over the Hedge on PS2 [Game Review]

Properly nicely nicely, it appears you’re right here to study in regards to the torture that’s Over the Hedge on the PS2. Properly sit down son, trigger I am gonna let you know all about it.

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28 thoughts on “Over the Hedge on PS2 [Game Review]

  1. I've played the game as a kid
    He definitely over looked the entire game
    I mean obviously the games not Fortnite or overwatch
    It is old but it's great for what it is.
    There's little things you can do within the game too.
    It has a bumper cart style mini game with golf carts.
    Even included a little RC racing mini game as well.
    You can also costomize your character you choose with different weapons and hats

    The puzzles are way more harder then he claims though I love his childish anger towards the game.

    It's more fun when you have someone to play it with maybe he should try that as well
    Because if not your kinda stuck playing as both character one at a time.
    And once you get far enough there's boss's that you can take down with your teammate
    Such as the "Karen" and her weedhacker
    Or beating the bear Vincent the bear.
    Towards the end there's also a mission inside a carnival.
    The game isn't the same as the movie though some of it is. But there's wayyy more content than your actually paying for when you buy the game.
    I look forward to playing this with my gf one day but it's hard to find old games and technology.
    Old games like these are usally scratched up or tossed away if not in good condition.
    So be careful where you buy from.

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