Outriders Gameplay Review! | Really Good Game RUINED BY SERVER ISSUES

Outriders Gameplay Overview! | Actually Good Sport RUINED BY SERVER ISSUES

Outriders Gameplay Overview! | Actually Good Sport RUINED BY SERVER ISSUES

Welcome again to Outriders. On this video we might be reviewing the gameplay a part of the sport like bosses, efficiency and optimization together with the servers and points within the sport. Let me know your ideas within the feedback, I hope you benefit from the video 😀

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33 thoughts on “Outriders Gameplay Overview! | Actually Good Sport RUINED BY SERVER ISSUES

  1. Oh, you think that is bad? Just wait for what happens to the story after you meet August. And it all culminates in a "so we have 20 dollars to tell the final 60%"

    The litterally tell the entire true history of enoch and what the anomaly is through finding "notes" and then retelling it. as if they are bad second grade writers.

    They even have a part where the main dude says "A tyrant". Not only was it recorded in a different studio. They dd not even bother to level out the sound.

    Holy crap. The story was good, the characters were easy to like. Hell, some of the side-characters were amazingly written and acted out. The play-card sniffer reminds me of so many people who have done way WAY too much cocain. And then that weak ass ending. Holy crap.

  2. I play solo so the only connection problems I have are at times starting the game. Usually when it happens it takes me two or three tries and I am in. But other than that for the game is been great, a lot more fun then expected. I love how you have to make adjustments before each major battle. It keeps you so involved in looting making sure you load outs are going to be the best possible. Thanks for all the help in other vids!

  3. The server issues are a drag but the this is finally a satisfying looter. It has that addictive quality that you want. Since they gave us a legitimate free demo and there are no micro transactions I am gonna give them a pass on the shaky launch.

  4. Can someone explain what the benefit of having single player online only? And is that something they could turn off or is it too late for that? Thanks

  5. I've been stuck at walking to the volcano the servers go out right around there, also had an issue at times where automatic loot pick up wasn't working. I kept hitting down but it wouldn't do anything on ps4

  6. So far I have been kicked out of the game twice. Also I couldn't log in to play yesterday so I am going to wait a few more days. Hopefully they fix some of these issues.

  7. Server issues are always an issue in the beginning. The only complaint is the map and quest locating. I can never tell where I am and some quest start locations are hard to find. Map should be 3D, it just looks lazy

  8. Hey Bill, havent been able to access the game since the live stream due to server BS. Finally tonight, Saturday evening for the US, we were able to get on at 9pm. We got in and played for 3 hours straight. I didnt have any issues, but my friend Crow could not stay connected. We were taking back the bunker on WT 9. I sweated my ass off trying to keep the enemies at bay while he disconnected and reconnected 6 times!!! I almost had it cleared by the final time he reconnected. Luckily after that issue, we didnt have anymore issues until we returned to lobby to shut down for the night. Overall, I would rate the p2p server issue a 1 of 10, overall game 8 of 10, story (kinda early) but 8 of 10, loot 9 of 10, legendary drops (for my rng) 3 of 10, and Im hoping they sort out the server issues for all of us to get playing and enjoying all the hype and customization we can do in this game. Cheers

  9. Last night had a issue that we took all out the enemy's and when you press square on Play Station or if your on Xbox B button to clear the Rocks that blocks paths it wouldn't let us clear it. Me and my mate spent 15 to 20 minutes running like headless chicken's as the game as no enermy's were spawning and we had to restart the game do it all over again. Enjoying Outriders,but at same time very frustrating

  10. Tbh I found whoever has the most stable connection, in terms of ping and mbs, which was me last night, there's barely any lag despite it being p2p. But joining someone with a more loaded hectic network, it's borderline unplayable. Good review overall bill, looking forward to running endgame with you lads.

  11. It's been pretty fun do far, just some parts been a little annoying so far playing solo cause the mass amounts of enemies and how fast some are. But I'm truckin along in world tier 7 trying to progress.

  12. Spot on video mate. My feeling is its a server load issue rather than a technical issue. The games inclusion on gamepass guarantees a ton of players and I find it works great till the Americans wake up then everything falls apart so this game is basically unplayable after 6pm (uk). So really annoys me seeing people congratulating the devs for their hard work on twitter when the problem is being caused by them being cheap bastards and not paying for server space (most like square Enix call) when they aren't working on any technical issue with the servers. So £60 for a great game i can play for about 3 hours a day if im lucky.

  13. I live in Canada and have only had a single hour outage. Few disconnects here and there but overall pretty smooth. I feel like this is god giving me my tax returns on not being able to play Rise of Iron in D1 for a whole day.
    For those who are having trouble, hang in there it’ll be well worth it once the connection is smooth.

  14. So I found something weird about one of the boss fights when it comes to cutscenes there’s one in particular where it has a cutscene of it retreat and then one where it comes back then it repeats for the other forms which I found just a tad odd

  15. Saw someone else post a theory as to part of the issue. He was playing, put the controller down and logged into computer. 30 mins later he was still standing in same spot. They don't kick you off for inactivity.

  16. I have to agree, this is a shit show. It is a shame because the game is fun when it works. You know, it is so bad for a large dev to release a game on Easter weekend, during a lockdown, free on gamepass……. they should have anticipated the massive user surge!!!! Pathetic. I would be Fking fuming if i paid £60 for this!

  17. day 2 the servers were down nearly 8 hours lmao. today (day 3) was another 2 – 5 hours?

    little rough to say the least lol, especially on PC where gameplay was hit or miss for the first 2 days.

  18. I have been getting reports on that that the servers are garbage and people have been having crazy issues because of this. I myself don't have the game yet how to call the GameStop on my way and I want to see if they have any copies at all because as soon as April 1st came I went there to go pick up my copy and was told the PS4 copies of the game haven't been delivered yet, so I'll give him a call tomorrow and see what's up. what they should have done was just put an offline feature as well.. so the servers won't be strained to Oblivion. Very bad opening play this game… with the servers.

  19. Love the game, but the servers are shat! Seems to be stable so far after a database rebuild, modem reset, and a bunch of fuck this shits! Currently in Eagles Peak, fought the spider boss and it kicked my ass. Time to grind some levels!!!

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