Oh What a Beautiful Game - High Society Review

Oh What a Stunning Sport – Excessive Society Evaluation

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34 thoughts on “Oh What a Stunning Sport – Excessive Society Evaluation

  1. Today I played Modern Art for the first time and fell in love. Now I want more Knizia and auctions and this is it. It even looks corgeous. Including that womanbon the cover. I want this on my shelf.

  2. I've played High Society around 9 or 10 times now, with 5 players each time. The thing that strikes me, and others in the group, is that winning, doesn't often feel, good…

    The randomness of when the 4th green card will turn up makes strategising a bit of a crapshoot. And at the end of each of our games, the winner, never really felt they were going to win, until they just, did.

    Yesterday evening a player won with a 7 & 4 but as he used a fair amount of his cash buying them early on, he spent the rest of the game really just hoping that the green cards came out early, and they did, so he just won. Yay?

    On our second game the first card was a X2, leaving just 3 cards to be overturned before game over. And that happened with a good portion of the deck still to go. So people were saving for something that never came out, and another player just won. And again it was a "I won, did I?". None of the games seem to run close, there's a distinct lack of end game tension.

    I'm pondering this as a house rule, to try and add a little extra information as to when the 4th green card will appear.

    1: Shuffle the 4x green cards together (3x prestige and 1 disgrace) draw one blind and set it aside.
    2: Add the remaining 3 to the rest of the deck, and shuffle them all together.
    3: Take 3 cards from the bottom of that deck, add the drawn card from step 1, shuffle, and replace back to the bottom of the deck.

    Now all the players know that they have at least a 3rd of the deck to grab something before that final card is drawn.

    I haven't tested this out and it won't be for everyone (and some will consider it sacrilege to even consider house ruling a Reiner Knizia game) but I really want to like High Society, the auction aspect is so much fun, and the game plays quickly. I just need want to be able to win, win.

  3. Definitely one of my favorite games of all time – and I have the "ugly" first edition! My only quibble with this review is that I think as long as you don't absolutely abhor auction games in that they make you physically ill, you will love the delicious tension in this one. I've been pulling it out for various groups for probably 15+ years and have had nary a complaint. You forgot to add one of my favorite parts of the game – you never know when it will end. As soon as the fourth negative card shows up, the game is over. Which could happen in the first 4 cards!

  4. I think I might sell my copy of For Sale! for this. This seems tighter and with no fiddly coin tokens…Hrmm. Main question for me is, how does it play with 3 players? or even 2?

  5. What a great review. You've done a really good job of communicating the excruciating tension these simple auction games can present.
    The broad range of games you guys cover along with a fresh perspective is lifting NPI into the top tier of reviewers (in my books).

  6. Great review of the classic auction game high society, I enjoyed it. I've had this in my collection for years, and I'm glad there is a new version of this now to make it more available, but I have to say that I personally like the eagle gryphon boxed deluxe edition better than this new one since the items are thick cardboard tiles instead of just large cards and I prefer that art. I do agree that the original art you showed does look worse than the other 2 versions though.

  7. Seems super close to For Sale. Not sure there's room for both in one's collection. One's invariably going to always be played over the other as they are so similar… and For Sale, for me, looks more interesting.

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