Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews - Mage Knight (Part 1 How To Play)

Off The Shelf Board Sport Critiques – Mage Knight (Half 1 How To Play)

*** Be taught How To Play Mage Knight: The Board Sport! ***
Mage Knight is a deck constructing very thematic journey sport for 1-4 gamers ages 14+ with a mean play time of 45 minutes per participant. It gives a number of the most variable out of the field sport play I’ve ever seen in a board sport with out an growth or 5. Cooperative play, aggressive play, variable maps, variable powers, variable encounters, the replay on this one field is staggering!
“The Mage Knight Board Sport throws you and as much as three different Mage Knights into the sprawling and ever altering world of the Atlantean Empire, a land that’s however a distant reminiscence since your transformation right into a mysterious Mage Knight. Construct your armies, defeat bands of marauding enemies, and finally conquer cities within the identify of the mysterious Void Council.
Designed by famend designer Vlaada Chvatil, Mage Knight is a sport of Epic Exploration and Conquest that mixes character growth, intrigue, and the clashing of swords to create a very distinctive gaming expertise.
As a Mage Knight you could management your popularity and stroll the road or embrace the position of benevolent chief or brutal dictator. Accumulate Fame and expertise to accumulate highly effective Spells and talents, then use your energy to affect items to affix your ranks. Will you destroy an historical Draconum and achieve favor with the folks, or burn down a monastery to steal the highly effective artifact hidden there? Each paths could result in victory, however the resolution is yours to make.”

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Introduction: 00:30
Sport play Overview: 1:07
How To Play: 3:15
Overview of “Currencies”: 5:22
Overview of Mage Knights: 6:40
Overview of Card Varieties: 8:20
Leveling Up: 16:27
Setup: 23:33
Rounds: 26:45
Setting Up The Board: 32:31
Overview Playing cards: 33:40
Beginning Hand and Tactic Playing cards: 38:35
Utilizing Deed Playing cards: 41:15
Fight: 49:25
Affect: 1:07:05
Attacking Retains, Mage Towers,and Cities: 1:12:03
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26 thoughts on “Off The Shelf Board Sport Critiques – Mage Knight (Half 1 How To Play)

  1. I'm not even halfway through your video but JESUS CHRIST that's the best tutorial i've even seen for a boardgame. I've been watching tons of videos for this game, which i'm hesitating to buy, and it's hands down the best one to understand the game. The rulebook is very scary, i'll try to read if on PDF format after watching your video, i'm sure i'll understand 90% of the things thanks to you !! great job

  2. Very helpful video here. I purchased MK recently and found this video very helpful. Easily the most helpful one I've watched. Ricky Royal's videos are good but don't really touch on the actual rules compared to this video. Thanks.

  3. I believe you made a mistake in setup at 26:25 – the rules for scenario "Blitz Conquest" says to use 2, 3, or 4 Core city tiles, and 1, 2, or 3 Core non-city tiles. But when you are describing it, you have that reversed. It also looks like you draw the wrong number of each, to match your description, but not the rules. I'm new to the game, so if I'm just missing something, I apologize 🙂

  4. @off The Shelf Board Game Reviews I have a question in regards to combat, if a monster has 5 damage and my mage knight has 5 armor, would the mage knight still take 1 damage ? or would the armor block the entirety of the damage?

  5. the hardest thing for people to grasp about this game is that a creature's attack value and damage value are the same. once you grasp the different combat phases the combat system makes a lot of sense. it helps if you have played mtg before.

  6. I hope you read this comment.
    Would you recommend this game as a first solo game?
    I have played some RPG/Adventure board games with friends but never went solo.
    Also, should I get the first expansion (Lost Legion)?


  7. I generally prefer coop games, and I know some scenarios in this game involve cooperative gameplay. Do you think it's buying this just for the coop part or should I buy robinson crusoe instead?

  8. 'I can teach this game in 20 minutes!' LOL – over an hour later…

    Great video though, I'm expecting the game to arrive tomorrow and this was really useful to help me get started.

  9. Thank you! I appreciate that folks like you will take time to make these videos. It makes learning the game so much easier then just reading the rules alone. I had one question, In the Influence section I did not see you utilize your influence marker modifier when you purchased the unit. I thought we could use that modifier once per turn. Did I miss something, or I maybe I am misunderstanding that part. Thank you again.

  10. Thanks for this. Great refresher. Taking wounds still seems clunky to me. Seems to me if the monster does 5 damage and I have 3 armor it should just be a straight up 2 wounds. 

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