Noah’s Ark, an old NES platformer never released in the US, is now on Steam

Noah’s Ark, an outdated NES platformer by no means launched within the US, is now on Steam

Launched in Europe in 1992, Noah’s Ark was one of many only a few religion-themed video games to formally hit the Nintendo Leisure System. Taking part in as Noah, you journey the world gathering animals on your ark in locations like historical Rome, Egypt and China. It was a reasonably simple 8-bit platformer with one pretty essential (and annoying) twist: water mechanically rises as you traverse the degrees, and the upper the water degree will get, the more durable the sport is.

It’s positively a relic of its time, with its robust Mega Man and Ghosts ‘n Goblins vibes. But if you reside in America you probably never played it, thanks to Nintendo of America’s then ban on in-game spiritual references. Nintendo wasn’t fairly as restrictive in Europe although, and writer Konami had success getting the sport launched in that market with the ‘Original Nintendo Seal of Quality’.

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