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"Nihilism" The Recreation | 1213 Assessment – TGX Recreation Evaluations

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Glad Halloweenie, it has been a trip over these previous few years. However now after many delay’s I’ve really been capable of get off my @$$ and make a video particularly for Halloween. It simply so occurs it is a nothing freeware sport made by a a lot greater web character and most of what I’ve stated was stolen. However nonetheless, let’s take a spoopy have a look at a very spoopy sport, 1213. I actually imply that too, this can be a fairly scary sport. However is it good? That is the actual query.

The footage and pictures featured within the video have been for essential evaluation, satire and parody, that are protected below the Truthful Use legal guidelines of the USA Copyright act of 1976. If you would like a hyperlink to the unique content material or imagine your content material is getting used not below truthful use, ship me a direct message.

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11 thoughts on “"Nihilism" The Recreation | 1213 Assessment – TGX Recreation Evaluations

  1. Man, getting a "scary shower" from being too stoned is always quite the time. Honestly, it's coincidentally nice you briefly mentioned weed in this video since I've been kind of having my own "problems" or should I say more so personal issues in regards to smoking.

    It's kind of been consuming my life in a sense and affecting me on various levels like not sleeping very well or eating as often and it's getting in the way of my personal ambitions and what I believe to be growth. Anyway, your content has incidentally been helpful in at least distracting me as I do what I can and make the necessary steps to ween myself off and take a long break so I can focus on and further my life lest I stay lost in the clouds and snowball all of these gripes and problems into something more over time.

    I'm smoking even right now as I'm typing, have been all day, but I feel something building and changing inside of me. I don't remember the last day since I haven't been high or smoked, and being high is muddled with feelings of being normal anymore, but I'm confident a change will be made and implemented soon. It needs to happen. It's been a long work in progress, it's been some years now, but I think I genuinely am finally ready for my change to begin. I have a job interview tomorrow and a positive outlook, anything is possible.

    Stay frosty, stay awesome.

  2. The way the character moved, and the mechanics in general reminded me a lot of the Abe's Oddysseu and it's sequel.
    Good review overall, loved this game as a kid, so many spoops

  3. Saw it on Patreon, so I just wanted to say awesome video! You did tell me that Yahtzee made his own games that were quite stellar, so it's nice to have a look at one of them. Reminds me of Another World artistically and gameplaywise. Only difference being this game has text.

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