New Pokémon Snap Is Out On Switch In April

New Pokémon Snap Is Out On Swap In April

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Photography game New Pokémon Snap will be out on Switch on April 30, Nintendo announced today.

Announced last year, New Pokémon Snap is a spiritual successor to the Nintendo 64 game about exploring Pokémon in their natural habitats and snapping beautiful pictures of them. The new game will take place in a region called Lental, and will feature an archipelago of islands that include jungles, deserts and beaches, hiding over 200 Pokémon.

Here’s the latest teaser:

Based on a new press release about the game, it sounds like it will play very similarly to the original Pokémon Snap, with players using bait to try to lure out Pokémon, capture them in unique poses, and then get grades from the professor you’re doing research for. As far as what’s new, some Pokémon and vegetation in the Lental region have a special glow called the Illumina phenomenon, which players will be trying to learn more about.

Regardless of being lengthy overdue for a Nintendo Direct, the Swap’s first half of the 12 months is already beginning to form up surprisingly effectively, with Tremendous Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Bravely Default II, and Monster Hunter Rise popping out within the subsequent two months, and now New Pokémon Snap rounding that lineup out in April.

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