New Citadel Brushes - Review Games Workshop Painting

New Citadel Brushes – Evaluation Video games Workshop Portray

Checkout the brand new line of Citadel Passion Brushes from Video games Workshop! Develop into a VETERAN OF THE …

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19 thoughts on “New Citadel Brushes – Evaluation Video games Workshop Portray

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  2. I want that round Scenery Brush so bad, and I don't even know what I'm going to use it for! It just looks fun! I could see buying some cheap canvases, and trying using some of those paints to actually paint with!

  3. Ima just say that the Texture …. stick? Thing is actually my favorite GW tool, lol Outlasted a lot of brushes I have. I use it nearly every single day to mix paint, grab paint(from pot) and to spread texture paste around.

    Fucking love that little bendy plastic thing.

  4. Thanks for the vid, the masters cleaner is a great tip and it lasts forever. I'm not sure this is a good sell from GW though, I'm sure that we don't need a separate brush for every single technique though. I say shop around. But thumbs up for appearance they at least look slick 🙂

  5. What's your opinion on the artificer layer brush?
    The website definitely talks the talk but at £12 sterling it is almost double the price of any other brush. However it does look really good. And tiny.
    Anyway, any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

  6. now, normally I'd be annoyed by 6 ads in a 13.5 minute video…but I've seen how much that dang brush set costs, so in this case, it seems reasonable 😛
    …the brushes seem alright, but I wouldn't pay that much for them…I'm perfectly happy with the performance of the brushes I buy from my local art store for half the price of these GW ones.

  7. Just used the big shade brush yesterday to shade a knight commission I'm doing. Let me preface this by saying I'm not one of those "HATE everything GW makes" people. I'm a huge fan and happily give them my money. However, this particular brush is garbage. It "holds" well, but it doesn't let it go. I felt like I was shading with a sponge. Again, just My experience with the ONE brush thus far. I bought it because I wanted to try it out particularly for the knight. 
    Thanks for the great videos, MBG. Your recent knight unboxing was great, not because of the unboxing itself, but because of the information you give about the kit. Keep it up, man!

  8. Talk is cheap.  Painters want to see the kind of results they can get with the brushes – and unless you can show people good results with the product, it's all just speculation.
    "Should be good" is meaningless.  In my observation, most of the new GW brushes I saw had stray bristles or bad points right off the shelf.  Either they were badly packed or badly made – but either way it's a sign of bad quality control, which is an inconsistency that painters cannot afford.
    Don't be misled by the shiny new handles and fancy new names – these are brushes designed for people who don't know any better.  The fact is, you can get proven quality Kolinsky sable brushes from Winsor & Newton, Raphael, or Rosemary & Co. for similar prices.  GW's "Artificer" brush is actually more expensive than better professional brushes.

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