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NES Traditional Version (aka NES Mini) Evaluation – Speak About Video games

Get a daily NES system right here (Not the NES traditional, it was discontinued) Mike and Ryan focus on the NES Traditional Version (aka the NES …

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30 thoughts on “NES Traditional Version (aka NES Mini) Evaluation – Speak About Video games

  1. Does SMB behave the same as how it would on the NES? I wanna get into SMB speed running but I'm afraid that the NES mini might not play SMB the same way the NES does (with the glitches, framerate, hitboxes, and all).

  2. You can add like 5 or 600+ games on the NES classic mini, how? If you got a pc atleast you can download certain software for it and get al those from the internet box art included! There are a lot of tutorials on youtube about it.

  3. It should have had Rad Racer. That is my favorite NES game and Nintendo owns the rights to it. Also, Bionic Commando, Rygar, Gun.Smoke, Pro Wrestling should be there. Although, I would go with Adventure Island II over Adventure Island because in part 2 you can ride dinosaurs.

  4. Hold on.. Im back and not many people seem to know you can add games to it.. at least on the snes classic I've got… I've got sega games on it too.. nba jam, rocknroll racing .. awesome.

  5. The my arcade company has a new portable that takes nes carts and super famicon carts. Has a 7" screen, wireless nes style controllers a cleaning kit built into the handle, and out port for tv hookup. And it's only $79.99 I'm gonna get one as soon as they are released. Should be any day now.

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