MotoGP 15 vs. Ride Game Review

MotoGP 15 vs. Journey Recreation Evaluate

Developer Milestone S.r.l. has two new motorbike racing video games: MotoGP 15 and Journey. They are going face to face in a really excessive velocity versus section.

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15 thoughts on “MotoGP 15 vs. Journey Recreation Evaluate

  1. I have MotoGp 14 for PS3 and my PS3 just died. I'm thinking of buying the Xbox one later next week but wanted to see if I should buy MotoGp or Ride for my new system. Thanks for not answering that question and giving such a crappy review on both games guys. These guys need to find a new job because they're worthless

  2. If you guys have no interest in either game…..tell me please kind sirs, why you are doing a review on them BOTH?? Your opinion is void because you know nothing about what you are reviewing but it still makes sense to these guys to make a review anyway smh!

  3. Moto GP 15 has really bad physics. The physics of the Moto 3 class is quite good, but Moto 2 and Moto GP in Moto GP 15 are far worse than they were in Moto GP 14. If you want true moto GP simulation, download the ultimate physics mod from Racedepartment for Moto GP 14.

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