Monster Hunter Rise Review - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 67

Monster Hunter Rise Evaluate – Kinda Humorous Gamescast Ep. 67

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Imran returns to evangelise the gospel of Monster Hunter Rise.

00:00:00 – Begin
00:04:32 – Housekeeping
00:05:28 – Tony Hawk and PS5 Upgrades
00:20:50 – Imran vs. The Avengers
00:22:23 – Cozy Grove
00:33:06 – Narita Boy
00:38:57 – Everhood
00:45:45 – Advertisements
00:51:02 – Monster Hunter Rise Evaluate


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45 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Rise Evaluate – Kinda Humorous Gamescast Ep. 67

  1. i’ve had PS5 since 3 weeks before christmas and had no issues so far and i’ve played over 50 games . Also got series x and haven’t played it once lol i know crazy but no games and playstation in my opinion had a solid fun launch

  2. I'll be honest, while the save BS is obviously confusing for PlayStation, the Trophies not popping sounds more like an Activision problem than a Sony one. I've done save transfers for No Man's Sky and Crash 4 and never ran into that problem; aside from remembering not to dispose of the PS4 version it was simple as heck.

  3. Just cause it was mention at the beginning, even though you have may both shots of the vaccine. You should still follow the CDC guidelines for yours and every person you come in contact with. That still means avoid large gatherings, where face masks and wash your hands or use sanitizer. Be safe, play safe.

  4. totally agree with Imran on avengers, thankfully they finally fixed the loads sorta so it's actually worth booting. but yeah the GOW combat designer is limiting to the overall experience sens all the characters feel the same. I still think FPS would've been the way to go.

  5. World was my first Monster Hunter and I've played 99.5% of it multiplayer, so it's a bit disappointing that the quests are split into a single-player campaign and a multiplayer campaign… but I also know I'm learning a bit better when I figure out how to take them down on my own without having to keep up conversation with the chat.

  6. Always happy to see Imran on KF content. I have been playing a lot of Monster Hunter Rise. It’s been excellent so far. I have about 45hrs in already. I was pretty disappointed in the character customization options especially for Black people. I also don’t really like the Rampage missions. I’m kinda biased on that though because I don’t really care for tower defense games to begin with. All in all, I’m loving it and will continue playing just about every day.

  7. Regarding the comments about endgame for Monster Hunter Rise, a good point that I heard on NVC was about how generally the MH experiences we’ve gotten in the U.S. have been the more complete versions after Japan gets waves of content the way we are now. So what MHR is feel thin compare to what we’re used to, but matches what it’s been like in Japan.

  8. I really appreciate that Greg leans into plugs and asks “where can I get that” because sometimes you forget or just don’t know where to find someone’s work.

  9. With the Tony Hawk PS5 upgrade I had to go back and forth between PS4 version and PS5 versions four or five times because it would only pop a handful of trophies at a time and let me tell you – especially since I do have the platinum in both – the Avengers upgrade was a breeze comparatively.

  10. I mean, is Imran comparing Rise to World on launch or World before Iceborn, or Iceborn? Those are all very different situations, and World at launch had less monsters than Rise does so…

  11. Imran didnt play much Monster Hunter before World so he probably doesnt know this, but in the past Monster Hunter games didnt launch with much end game content. Stuff like G Rank quests were often added after release, or in some cases only included in special rereleases of the games.

  12. 1:06:04 that's how us PC gamers have felt for years regarding any consoles. It's just you get used to high framerates and resolution that it's hard to go back. Now it's going to be significantly worse for everyone once they get used to the PS5/XSX. It's the norm now, so it's going to be tough going backwards.

  13. For games like avengers where you have to upload the ps4 file you don't have to download and install the full ps4 version. You just have to install the initial portion that makes the game playable. For avengers it's like 12 gigs and you can boot up and do the save upload process. Tip for anyone that has data caps like I do.

  14. THPS 1+2 is by far the worst next-gen update. Activision has the nerve to charge 10 dollars for one of the smallest graphical/loading differences of any ps4->ps5 game. But on Xbox you can't even upgrade with the disk? And it doesn't work? Garbage truck on fire.

  15. I opened a tab and let this play in the background while doing work and the second I heard Imran's name I freaked out like it was a smash reveal. Happy to see "The Don" here with us.

  16. MH rise is great still monster hunter just a step in the right direction. Also Imran saying the game is thin after spending 100 hours…. sometimes you gotta wait and saying you spent 500 hours in world… world was super thin at launch too I stopped playing because I spent too long grinding the same stuff it’s the same thing

  17. Ok this is the first time I'm noticing it, but Tim very much looks like Jim from the Office and when he did the look at the camera when Blessing got the hashtag wrong IT WAS PERFECT! I hope we get more of Tim subrtlely acting like Jim from the Office!

  18. Rise truly is an amalgamation of all that makes MH great, and it seems like they eliminated all the things that slowed the pacing down. It’s my favorite of the series for sure. My ONLY gripe, is the village quests seem a little too easy, but that’s kind of the point.

  19. Playstation has become irrelevant. Nothing more than a toy for kids and tech illiterate dads. We can all agree its time for them to take the SEGA route and focus on games only.

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