Minecraft : Escapecraft 2 Part 4

Minecraft : Escapecraft 2 Half 4

On this video Nick and Devin tackle a customized map known as EscapeCraft 2. We hope you all benefit from the video! Simply so you realize we won’t be doing Escapecraft 3. We began it however we didn’t prefer it so we won’t be importing it.

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30 thoughts on “Minecraft : Escapecraft 2 Half 4

  1. you also didn't finish the map, the "under construction" was a nether portal, you needed to get a flint n steel when you went in the wool room, you couldn't go back for a reason, so you could not cheat. you had to do the whole map to go back.the rest of the map is simple, just go in the nether portal, in the nether, find the other nether portal and go in it, and go in the house, then you fall and it said "to be continued". i liked it through

  2. i was pretty good but you were cheating a lot, like when the elevator had water in it, you needed the sticks to make fences to block the water. you didn't even know

  3. U guys had probably go to the nether with the flint n steel u got earlier didn't u notice the formation of the obsidian was for the nether portal at the begging of the course it shows at the end the end of the video pause n ull see

  4. your suppose to kill the creepers with the bow and arrows to get gunpowder, then you get the sand, go into the crafting benches and make tnt to blow up the glass that leads to the other room!

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