Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Miniatures Game Review with Bryan

Marvel Lady eightieth Anniversary Miniatures Recreation Evaluation with Bryan

Bryan takes a take a look at this new Miniatures Standalone Recreation/Starter Set from Wizkids! 0:00 Intro 3:00 Parts 10:00 Overview 16:33 Remaining Ideas Observe …

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12 thoughts on “Marvel Lady eightieth Anniversary Miniatures Recreation Evaluation with Bryan

  1. To comment on what brought me into the hobby, I've just been playing games of all sorts since before I could remember. I had no "introduction" to it any more than any child would. I'd play any old thing. I even (unsuccessfully) tried to figure out Hero Quest when I was in elementary school. So the concept of a "hobby game" never occurred to me.

  2. Another long-time Heroclix player here. Bryan's trying very hard to keep the best face possible here, and I get it. Heroclix is niche, and I'd love to get more players. I'm going to bring some more balanced perspective here.
    As a standalone game, I can't really say, and I'll have to go by what he says. 10 characters at 30/40 points each means you could throw them all together in one 300-point force (definitely a bit much) or make two teams of five characters at 200 points. It's split evenly between heroes and villains. The heroes seem a little bit stronger, but with proper tactics, either side has the potential to work out.
    However, if you're going to extend past this and play more than just these pieces, you're going to have problems. For one, the included rule book is nowhere near as extensive as it should be for what exists just within Modern play ("Modern Age" is what we call "play with the new stuff" like Magic's Standard format… not Magic's Modern format…). There are errors that will need to be corrected and even with the rules made in here, it's not hard to find scenarios that these rules do not cover. Eventually there are going to be "comprehensive" rules on their site, but they do not currently exist for this rules revision. I won't comment on what came before, because this is now, and what exists now will give you some problems. I have faith that it will get worked out, but it's a little sloppy at the moment.
    That said, the rule book is definitely a lot better than it used to be. Most of the rule books in the past have been like tech manuals. Very plain text, barely any illustrations of examples, no color, small font. Very poorly organized. This one, while it still has some problems in the details, is much better designed.

    As far as how the figures would play for someone moving forward:
    * Wonder Woman seems plausible to play at 40 points. She starts out pretty threatening, but she's in trouble if she gets hit. She's pretty bad in the middle of her dial, but at least she brings Empower to help out others. Her last click will actually give people problems. A 50/50 Super Senses plus very high close defense and solid offensive stats make it a very good last stand.
    * Mary Shazam: Again, reasonable at 40. She basically can't miss on top, doing at least 1 damage even if she misses everyone. Knock her down some and she at least gets Probability Control, one of the strongest powers in the game, even if she is no longer much of an attacker.
    * Donna Troy: Not so good. At 40, her first and last click can do some things, but clicks 2-4 are practically worthless. On top, she could probably hit for something, and then also stun the target. She's rather annoying on the last click with, again, that 50/50 Super Senses and reasonable offensive stats, but not much utility beyond hitting things and getting in the way.
    * Wonder Girl will probably be your star. At 30 points you are basically getting a piece just for Probability Control, but she's extremely difficult to hit off of it. When she does lose it, you get a consolation prize of a tertiary attacker that can shoot through defenses. Very nice. Unfortunately, you'll be scratching your head with the 40-point version, which gets Steal Energy to heal… at full health. She basically offers less for more points.
    * Miss Martian is unfortunately a miss at either value. She brings unique things that the other figures here don't offer, but nothing you can't easily find elsewhere.
    * Cheetah: A solid attacker on both ends.
    * Circe: A very solid mix of support powers on the 40-point dial, and capable of doing some damage, as well. She'll be your favorite piece to use out of them all.
    * Medusa: Lame on either end. Not capable of doing much damage, and not capable of protecting herself to let Poison do its thing.
    * Star Sapphire: Quite usable on both sides, as a support at 30 or an attacker at 40.
    *Silver Swan: A waste on either dial.

  3. i had a roommate in college who played warhammer 40k and while i didnt pick it up, i read through the books here and there and learned a bit of the hobby. then warmachine came out and i picked some stuff up, but didnt play more than on kitchen table, but that put me in the hobby store (same one i work part time at currently). when i lost my 1st apt, and my last g/f and i relationship finished up, i was back at my parents house and pretty miserable (for all 3 reasons) and that same roommate pick me up one day and said "you are gonna learn a new game" and intro'd me to magic the gathering. thats how i got started

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