Mare | Oculus Quest Game Review

Mare | Oculus Quest Sport Evaluation

This is our overview of Mare, simply launched on Quest! Mare would not clarify itself, and though that is irritating on some stage, it is a part of the sport’s DNA.

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24 thoughts on “Mare | Oculus Quest Sport Evaluation

  1. I did not knew that i needed this GAME until i had it. And its impossible to describe why everyone should experience this. The flair brings a mixture of the lanayro desert of zelda skyward sword or sky town elysia of metroid prime 3 with its broken ancient machines you revive in order to digg deeper into the story. The story telling also reminds me a bit on badland. Its just visual without any explanation or any written word. So without telling you what to do its totally up to you to explore the game mechanics and the mysterious flair and the gorgeous visuals will keep you engaged until you reach the real ending after you've found all the cat-collectibles.
    Its def not for ACTION-ONLY-driven people but while i thought i would be that kind of guy too, i found myself totally supprised of how much i enjoyed this pollished visionary masterpice!
    I really hope the devs will get the attention this well crafted pice of art deserves.
    Took me around 7h to complete (incl.revisiting some parts in order to get all collectibles) and after finishing it, my mood was indescribable different…in a positive way


  2. I've gotten my quest 2 just 1 month ago,but i have my psvr from the beginning. I love to do more things than i did playing flat games…puzzlegames are great in vr.fishermans tales,red matter,the curious tale of the stolen pets,ghost giant…on the quest 2 i have in death,pistol whip,shadow point and down the rabbit hole….i love them all…my preference right now is in death…the feeling of bow and arrow and gameplay,the graphics and mechanics are just awesome. Mare looks interesting. Like the way it looks. Thanks for the video

  3. I am new to the VR world and as such I have just made one game purchase " No man's sky". Loving every minute of it so far. Seems like it will take a life time to explore everywhere

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Key' on Quest. Although not strictly speaking 'a game' in a similar way Mare doesn't appear to be, I enjoyed progressing through the mystery and deliberate ambiguity of the story with it's limited but impactful interactions. It was a strange 'trip' and although I enjoy trying to figure things out before the end, somehow I didn't realise exactly was going on in The Key right up until the final reveal, then it was quite an emotional and effective gut punch almost. It made me see the whole experience in a different light. And I think it was free too, so a double win!

  5. Stuff like this "experience" is fine. There's a place for it. But ffs, it seems all VR is right now is a bunch of Puzzle tech demos and unfinished games. Especially on Oculus. And theyre charging max dollar (again a Oculus thing seemingly..) Gaming wise, Over All and especially since Sony backed off VR is BORING A F. Its like for every 10-20 games released, were lucky if One of them is finished and worth playing. Dont get me wrong, theres a few very good vr games here n there, but mostly just overpriced, unfinished shovelware. I may pick this up someday, but 20.00 while not a ton of money in itself, just seems like way too much to sit there with one controller and babysit a NPC, doesnt even have a memorable story or a myriad of beautiful zones/levels. Pass. Great review tho

  6. Braid and Inside are two games I spent hours looking up theories pertaining to the meaning of the game after beating them. I felt engaged with the game from beginning to end.

  7. I think the Void (by the Pahtologic devs) would be a good candidate for game that I liked but it was super obscure in what was about. It was artsy as hell, to be honest. Why did I like it? Well, that obscurity adds to the great atmosphere of the game. In that way, it's Lynchian.

  8. Tea for God is the ultimate I have no full idea what is going on game, yet play very regularly (when it gets updates of course but just randomly too). Feels like I have played it almost a year now, have no full idea why certain functions are present, the game seems to have more options/choices than any other Quest title, if there is a story or a reason why I exist within the game, I still don't know it. Game is still top ten Quest title for me, and easily top like three "wow" moments in VR that the title when you see how it works and play, and will always have a place in my heart. If someone could help this dev create a coherent story and a clearer purpose…. I wouldnt care because the game is already that bad ass 🙂

  9. I really wish I could rent games like this. It looks like it'd be wonderful to experience…once. While for the same price I could get a fun arcadey shooter like Drop Dead that I can play multiplayer and keep coming back to just for the fun cathartic gameplay.

    Dang I miss video rental stores.

  10. An all-time favorite now is from last year's Outer Wilds. Such a fantastic, subtly-communicated story of massive scope where the world is littered with "a-ha" moments, but also "wait what?" moments. Another with lots of layers of mystery and intrigue is Environmental Station Alpha, which has a wonderful atmosphere and great balance of action and exploration. And finally, I've been getting into Myst lately, which just has mountains of lore to dive into, and some quite thoughtful puzzles!

  11. It's quite funny, this game piqued my interest because it looked similar to Little Nightmares, and apparently it must be because the story there is also very mysterious! They do a great job of telling the story through atmosphere and environment but it's very much left up to interpretation – the sequel arrives next month and I'm hyped! Great review and question

  12. Admire the bravery of the development team, but again a relatively short experience (barely seems to constitute as a game) and priced at £14.
    These should aim for something like £7.99 or similar. Many more would be willing to take a chance and not be too disgruntled at the brevity of it (imho)

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