Making YouTube Game Reviews

Making YouTube Game Reviews

By popular request, these are just a few general pointers and tools I find helpful to get started with making game reviews or a gaming channel on YouTube.

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20 thoughts on “Making YouTube Game Reviews

  1. I know this isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but a lot of people were asking for something like this so I hope it helps them out. I'll be keeping a close eye on the comments for the next few days especially to answer any specific questions. I'm also a month behind on email since the open call for questions exploded.

    Timestamps Below:
    My First Video – 1:26

    Hardware/Software Options – 2:13

    All About Audio – 4:05

    Video Editing – 8:48

    Writing/Project Management – 11:18

    Titles/Thumbnails/Tagging/MetaData – 14:55

    The Internet and You – 17:39

    Money and Ethics – 18:53

    MY CHANNEL IS DYING!!! – 20:41

  2. I’m a year late to this but what the hell… 2 questions: 1. How do you move from game to game and keep YouTube happy? Did you have to build up subs first to get an initial boost or have you always been able to rank them and get the views? 2. Hundreds to Thousands of video clips!!!??? Please tell me these are the flashback recordings you mentioned that are only a minute or so. I can’t imagine going through all of those.

  3. This is so informative! Just starting out and you have imbued with confidence. Know this was posted over a year ago, however what are your views on having a facecam in the review videos, I find a high number of review videos now have a face cam and live reactions and so forth. Do you feel this is the way reviews are going?

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