Mad Max Review

Mad Max Evaluation

Avalanche Studios’ brutal riff on the wasteland saga nails the heavy, ugly tone of a world on hearth, and calls for you tear by it.

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23 thoughts on “Mad Max Evaluation

  1. This game is basically a combination of Red Faction Guerrilla and Far Cry wearing a Rage/Fallout combo skin, but with fighting mechanics I'm personally not familiar with (reminds me of GTA 5 but with timed button pressing prompts that help you stay alive, and also deliver rewarding combos).
    Ps. There's NOS and vehicle upgrades that remind me of Saints Row (original). The map is a lot like Saints Row's as well.
    Just my take. I like it.

  2. I played through it three times already, yet again installing it another time.
    This game is amazing, yes the combat does seem to be the same as Batman series but this one is much more vicious.

  3. I wish the vehicle controls were a little more responsive, however. Other than that, this is the most fun I've had playing a game since GTA5 was released. Here it is 2020 and I JUST discovered this game? Love when that happens. Favorite moment, was having a hard time finding the last fuel drum in a camp and was in cover from a storm. What happens? Lighting bolt hits it. Gotta love it.

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