LGR - Star Wars Yoda Stories - PC Game Review

LGR – Star Wars Yoda Tales – PC Recreation Evaluation

Play Luke Skywalker as Yoda’s minion and journey across the galaxy, fixing puzzles and amassing keys! Do or don’t like this sport, there is no such thing as a strive.

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22 thoughts on “LGR – Star Wars Yoda Tales – PC Recreation Evaluation

  1. This game came out when I was 9 and I was obsessed! It was my intro to the Star Wars universe. I played this for hours and hours while listening to music.

  2. One of the very few intelligent reviews of this game out there. Most of them just shit on the game for not being lego star wars or something like that.

    This game is not only pretty decent as a casual game, it was a revolutionary game for its time: casual gaming was pretty much non-existant, and the only meaning of roguelike was an actual rogue-like, not dead cells, binding of isaac, enter the gungeon or anything like that. This game was ahead of its time despite its flaws, mainly the controls and the combat. Also, the locator is a bit overpowered, I recommend playing this with small level sizes without using the locator.

  3. My grandmother had this installed on her PC and I would play it to death whenever I was over for multi day stays. Honestly, it may not be the most complex game, it is the most true to the universe game I have ever played. I'm actually looking for a copy to refresh myself from what these new movies have done to the franchise.

  4. Not acknowledging the other movies won't make them not exist you know. And the haters are a minority. Most people like the other two trilogies (three if you consider the animated shows a trilogy of sorts) just fine.

  5. The year is 2020
    Andcrhere is STILL only one trilogy.

    We can only assume that Luke Skywalker went on to kick butt and use the Force to restore order to the galaxy.
    Meanwhile his sister and her scruffy looking, nerf herder kicked butt and repaired ships throughout the galaxy and finally Leia returned to politics, helping planets establish stable governments in the wake of the collapsing Empire.

    Training Jedis and restoring order. Luke, Leia, Chewie, Han Solo, C3PO, and yes, even Lando Calrission, would finally look out among the stars and witness the grand legacy of the Skywalkers.

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