Let's Play It Takes Two on PS5 Part 2 - MORE MINIATURE MAYHEM!

Let's Play It Takes Two on PS5 Half 2 – MORE MINIATURE MAYHEM!

Honey we shrunk ourselves! Be a part of Ian Higton and Aoife Wilson for the second instalment of their adventures in #ItTakesTwo – a co-operative journey by which a married couple on the cusp of divorce discover themselves shrunk to the dimensions of dolls. They’re going to must work collectively in an effort to put issues proper, however as everyone knows, working collectively in concord is not precisely Crew Eurogamer’s sturdy go well with. #Eurogamer #PS5

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24 thoughts on “Let's Play It Takes Two on PS5 Half 2 – MORE MINIATURE MAYHEM!

  1. Aoife: Come get me out. There's a stop button.
    Ian: HMm, let's try the nut button.
    Aoife: There's a stop button right there.
    Ian: So next is the spinny button.
    Aoife: I think all these buttons lead to death.
    Ian: Right. Let's try the Death button.
    Aoife: ….Oh, good.
    Ian: immediately pushes the lightning button
    Aoife: Well, it didn't immediately kill me.
    Ian: Let's push the nut button again.

    That was a FANTASTIC interaction. XD

  2. Man, as a kid, a wasp got stuck in my hair and stung the shit out of my scalp. Decades later and I still have a scar on the my hand from when I tried to get it out. Surprisingly, never had another encounter with wasps, but I’ll never forget what bastards they can be.

    Excited to see y’all play the next chapter on Monday. There’s a nice little ‘A Way Out’ Easter egg coming your way.

  3. This is such a surprisingly fun game! I thought it'd be a cringe fest from the trailer, and thought some of it certainly is, the gameplay's at least entertaining to watch

  4. I'm not crazy but the battles are very similar to Nier Automata, the way it changes the perspective mid-fight, the top down jump over shock waves, the enemy or projectiles in very neat patterns

  5. This game just keeps getting better – it's imaginative, inventive and laced with humour that ranges from blatantly puerile to darkly subtle.

    And while I understand that separation and reconciliation are challenging topics, let's not forget that the best-selling game of all time is a crime tale about a trio of serial murderers. Compared to the stories and motivations in so many other popular titles, "disillusioned couple endures comic team-building shenanigans" is downright refreshing and novel.

  6. Aww this is great, I love how imaginative the co-op stuff is and how forgiving it is too – keeps the adventure rolling and you still get to do stuff and be part of the action. Feels like a real interactive movie!

  7. I hate Wasps with all my strength, they are my mortal enemies. I once used a wheelbarrow and those pricks did a nest inside one of the handles. I got stung on the palm of my hand, right under the thumb. After an hour, the thumb was swollen so I did spend a part of a Sunday afternoon in hospital to get something to reduce the risk of an anaphylactic shock. Since then, I just stay away from them. I hate those pricks.

  8. I approve of the amount of wasp slaughter in this video – I've got a phobia of them, and my mum once went through a wasp nest while strimming the garden.
    Also, appreciated the Dalek comparison – wasps are nature's Daleks.

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