Let's Play Among Us: SUSPICIOUS IN SPAAAAACEEEE! ft. Outside Xbox, Outside Xtra & Dicebreaker!

Let's Play Amongst Us: SUSPICIOUS IN SPAAAAACEEEE! ft. Outdoors Xbox, Outdoors Xtra & Dicebreaker!

It has been some time since we performed #AmongUs with our friends at Outdoors Xbox, Outdoors Xtra and Dicebreaker… however as a brand new map has launched right this moment, what higher time than now to return to the suss-simulator?! This week, Ian and Aoife who’re trapped aboard a spaceship with Mike and Jane from Outdoors Xbox, Ellen and Luke from Outdoors Xtra and Wheels and Lolies from Dicebreaker! Which one in all our artful crewmates is a mendacity, murderous alien imposter? Whoever you guess, you are most likely mistaken…

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33 thoughts on “Let's Play Amongst Us: SUSPICIOUS IN SPAAAAACEEEE! ft. Outdoors Xbox, Outdoors Xtra & Dicebreaker!

  1. I'm going to watch these videos several times over because they're so incredibly entertaining! As I've mentioned before, nobody else has been putting up everybody's face cams like this, and it is simply delightful to watch everyone being wonderfully professional and superbly engaging.

    If it were possible, I would seriously love to see you all (within the limits of what you're capable of) to play a game together like this every other week or so. But it's merely a respectful request, especially since I have no idea how busy all your schedules are.

  2. Here I am, as always, watching all point of views of this brilliant series.
    And that one was arguably the best of the lot. Absolutely loved it.

    The Space buddies idea was amazing, it was hillarious to watch (especially during the meetings) but also made the game very interesting from a tactical stand point.
    And that moment when Ian killed Luke by accident targetting Aiofe originally…I was crying out laughing. Everything was priceless, Ian's reaction, Luke's reaction, Aoife's reaction (not believing what she just witnessed) and the meeting that followed.

    That was so good, well done to all of you and Aoife was a great commentator, as always.

  3. Ellen's sip of tea being blown up into something it wasn't is a chilling reminder that this game is generally about condemning people on little to no evidence XD

  4. I've been binging these Among us streams for a month or two now (I think? Time is but a concept at this point) and can say with brimming confidence that this was the best one yet. The Space buddies arc is absolute gold.

  5. These games were both interesting and entertaining as hell. Such space buddy meta.

    Also lol @ Aoife panicking during the ending of the space buddy fellowship. No… NO! gasp Get out of here! Guh…. IAN!!!

  6. Loved this. Space Buddies was the best part and I sincerely hope you guys do this again. It will be awesome to see you learn the new map it's very big and very confusing. Perfect for chaos.

  7. To be honest, I was THRILLED to hear you say the new map hadn't dropped yet, because that meant there would be another Among Us stream coming soon! This was great, so glad to hear Aoife narrating.

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