League Of Legends announces four new champions

League Of Legends publicizes 4 new champions

Riot Video games have tossed out some particulars about what League Of Legends gamers can anticipate in 2021. The massive ticket is 4 new champions coming all year long, kicking off with the Ruined King himself this month. Down the road, three different new champions will be part of the sport as effectively, although their identities are nonetheless a little bit of a secret.

Riot say that Viego the Ruined King, a jungler champion, is the primary of the lot coming later this month. They’ve additionally revealed his set of talents and he sounds, as I suppose royalty are wont to be, fairly possessive. Viego’s “Sovereign’s Domination” skill briefly controls an enemy champion that he’s helped kill, giving him entry to their objects and talents.

He’s additionally acquired a camouflaging Black Mist which you could spot within the flashy cinematic that Riot launched to herald his arrival. You’ll be able to catch him really wielding that Blade of the Ruined King in a little bit of Riot’s reveal video above.

After Viego, Riot hints on the three different new champions coming this 12 months which can be a part of his story: a magic harm fighter with some sort of stitching theme, an artillery mage, and a marksman. They’ll fill out the opposite League roles in order that regardless of the way you play you need to have a brand new champion to check out this 12 months.

On the replace facet, they’ve shared a bit extra about their work upgrading Dr. Mundo’s look and expertise. If you need a say wherein champion will get tinkered with subsequent 12 months, you possibly can vote on that in your League shopper till January nineteenth. You’ll be able to throw in a vote for Udyr, Shyvana, Nocturne, Skarner, or Quinn.

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In case you’re eager to check up on the king’s equipment earlier than he drops in, you’ll find the small print over on Riot’s web site.

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