Late January Trailer Breakdown

NCL’s Official AC Replace Article:

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46 thoughts on “Late January Trailer Breakdown”
  1. I forgot they actually lock the events now. You'll be able to get the new seasonal items early, most likely, but you'll have to wait until the first timezone can experience Festivale before being able to time travel to it (:

  2. To my friends that may be looking for some items, NMT or bells;

    If you have discord, I found this nice and cozy server that is pretty much run by the people in it.
    There is a requests channel where you can ask for whatever you want, and someone will normally respond. The staff hold giveaways sometimes as well. There is a NMT island that has free NNT and golden crowns. I also find that the people are very!! nice!

  3. That update was on my birthday!
    It annoyed me a little at first that I had to wait to celebrate my birthday but I got maracas so I was excited

  4. I think it’s really annoying that everyone in the comments of the original is angry because there is no Brewster. I’m sure we’ll get him this year because so many people want him. Anyone else hope they will one day add Porter back even though nobody cares but me?

  5. Hi koramora I’ve changed my YouTube name if you don’t remember or don’t know my name it was Lucky. I went to a lot of your streams I don’t have that much time anymore, but I wish you the best of luck with your YouTube channel and I hope it grows even more.

  6. Quick question: If you don’t have an upgraded nooks cranny can you not get the celebration items that are in nooks cranny. Or would you have to wait for Pavé to come to get them. Sorry if this question was confusing

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