Kohdok Reviews Redakai: Part 1: The Game and the Toys

Kohdok Critiques Redakai: Half 1: The Sport and the Toys

Half 2:

Too brutal to be contained by only one video, Kohdok’s much-anticipated ripping of Redakai is lastly right here! This episode facilities on Spin Grasp’s half, the horribly overpriced card sport and the awful alleged “toys”.

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25 thoughts on “Kohdok Critiques Redakai: Half 1: The Sport and the Toys

  1. Anyone who wants to know what happened with series 3 of the trading cards, I've acquired packs and will be updating the redapedia wikia shortly. Spin Master ceased to produce cards for the UK, US and France at MetaCharged. However, during coronavirus, it seems that Combine & Conquer boosters have started to surface on Italian ebay. I bought 50 blisters and 4 X-Reader sets so I should get 80% of the set. The third pack art is Gold Bruticon. I think this pack was themed around the Battacor and Ekayon as Drudger, Spykor and Scorpirion monsters all get new versions. On the account BBARevolution5, I commented below that Spin Master denied knowing that these Combine & Conquer cards existed. Now that I have physical proof that they do, I emailed them again. This time, they said "we did have a thing with Redakai in 2011 but those products are no longer in our database". I'm going to reach out to some of the game developers on LinkedIn to see if any of them can provide me with the checklist for Combine & Conquer. Duel Spectrum, Lokar's Shadow and Platinum Alliance don't seem to have ever been printed. However, the game's artists have made public some of the artwork for monsters from Season 2 like Darkroot and Hydrax.

  2. I dont think it’s fair to compare the price to star wars merchandise
    Star Wars is the most popular film series ever so they can definitely afford the materials to make the cards if they are expensive and can sell at a low price because they know people will buy there products and easily make back the money they spent making them when compared to a new card game that came out of no where

  3. If you had to give the series (toy-line and show) as a whole a rating, and I mean an honest rating that isn't an exaggerated number, what would it be out of 10?

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