Kingdom Hearts 3 Reviews Are In - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.24.19

Kingdom Hearts 3 Evaluations Are In – Kinda Humorous Video games Day by day 01.24.19

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Recreation Informer’s Andy McNamara joins Greg to speak about his profession, how Kingdom Hearts 3 is faring, and extra.

Time Stamps –
00:11:32 – Housekeeping
Arizona, we’re coming to social gathering! Sunday at Portillo’s Tempe. 11 am.
Stream on Wednesday 1/30
The Roper Report –
00:12:14 – KH Evaluations
00:18:55 – Fallout 76 Ain’t Going FTP, Imran Khan @ GI
00:23:21 – PUBG Lite Beta Begins, Shabana Arif @ IGN
00:29:05 – Out in the present day
00:33:15 – Robinhood
00:34:04 – Thirdlove
Reader mail –
00:35:15 – I’ve a query for Andy about his position as EIC of Recreation Informer. Does he ever miss taking part in the video games himself / writing options about them? – Black Jack
00:42:32 – Inside a month, 2 of IGN opinions have been in scorching water. Ace fight 7 director categorical his disappointment when the reviewer didnt play the sport on Professional management, whereas the reviewer for RE2 missed the 2nd half of the sport, prompting the evaluate to be edited. ought to IGN or any publication took time to evaluate & then have their evaluate seemed by fellow colleagues to keep away from any errors. Certain, the evaluate shall be launch a bit late however isnt it worthwhile doing so? – Amon
00:49:31 – What extra did they need Capcom to do? I simply discover that to be an odd damaging on a recreation is 100% remake / remaster. – EJ
00:53:12 – Squad Up: Bryan Cacciattolo (Xbox One) – Everater
00:54:00 – You‘re Unsuitable
Tomorrow’s host: Greg and Joseph Knoop

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Recreation Informer’s Andy McNamara joins Greg to speak about his profession, how Kingdom Hearts 3 is faring, and extra.


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44 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3 Evaluations Are In – Kinda Humorous Video games Day by day 01.24.19

  1. Asking greg to hold IGNs feet to the fire and be critical of his boy/colleague Daemon Hatfield for his IGN RE2 review?? Never gonna happen.

    Greg's response for IGNs snafu "Well reviewing is hard"

  2. Kingdom Hearts franchise is one of the best PS Exclusive game for the platform. Its freaking amazing. Now with this new game other platform owner can also play this gane for the first time on lunch.
    I doubt though that Xbox owner will not get what its all about. They dont get the magic behind this game

  3. Reviewed a remade game famous for the second play though of the story.
    Didn't play second play through of the story.

    It's not like it was a secret it's a remake he should of finished it.

  4. The people asking really good questions that would require Kinda Funny to be unbiased, you're in the wrong place. If you want actual criticism and discussion about Ign's continued blunders in the past months, this is not the channel for you. Unless you wanted to hear the defensive side, which is fine too.

  5. This is one of my favorite episodes you have put out in ages. I think it is awesome to see two industry titans talk about mutual passions and the business that surrounds it. Great content <3

  6. I'm annoyed you guys didn't mention IGN's review score for RE2 after catching the mistake. They missed a huge chunk of the game and added 0.2 to the review score? How does that work? I think that is what a lot of the discussion was about.

  7. As a joke Nick should appear on Games Cast, but with his hilarious Jared Petty impression for 5 minutes without breaking character. Nick's impression of Jared is amazing!

  8. So Greg and Tim are still trying to finesse their way into getting a free copy of KH3 even though the message is clear they won't get none? The game is basically out already. Leave it to Tim to try and get the game for free when they almost never pay for any game. God forbid he has to pay for one game to review. These guys get a lot of shit for free and still complain to companies whenever they don't, THAT'S SAD.

  9. As for Daemon letting the ball drop on the review, sorry but he just needs to apologise. He made a mistake. Considering it his work and it will have sales impact on someone likelihood is a somewhat costly mistake. How about just apologising and doing better the next time.

    People say they are sorry all the time now for absolutely stupid shit. God forbid people say they sorry if they actually make a mistake that warrants an mea culpa.

  10. I don't really understand why Greg is reading a quote from Franks commentary on the game. Everybody is positive yet Greg decides to focus on the negative. Very unlike Kinda funny. And frankly weird because people who Greg know and who do adore the game do not get any quote at all.

    Not a Kingdom hearts fan by any means (tried the first semi recently and sort of enjoyed it) but that segment just felt very weird.

    Also Polygon is going to Polygon….if everybody likes a game they usually have to play the contrarians. Frankly I am kind of amazed that people don't come on the review part of the website harder…..then again the ''social commentary'' isn't great either.

  11. It’s been a long time since I looked to a professional enthusiast for their opinion on a game before I play it. If anything, I try to avoid too much info on a game I’m interested in. IGN is constantly spoiling stuff about games in an attempt to appear knowledgeable. Marty was the worst and Sam can still be awful about this. His “tip” about The Messenger comes to mind. It was different ten years ago when I’d read Jeff Green live blogging a press conference on 1up, but now you can see everything when they see it for the most part. It becomes pretty obvious that the enthusiast press is full of bad opinions from people who suck at/don’t play enough games. It’s more about being a decent writer and surviving the corporate group-think at places like IGN these days.

  12. Capcom could do a lot of things in a new RE3. A new RE3 could feature more of Raccoon City and original characters. It could be a complete overhaul of what we know of RE3. There's a lot of story to tell before events of RE2. That's what I would like to see. Maybe even playing a complete new story about new characters trying to survive Raccoon City and have to get to the police station. We could see how things get bad and how Marvin ends up the way he did. I kind of want to see a reimagining of RE Outbreak. That story combined with the Nemesis story would make for a good game.

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