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Jason Chokes on the Critiques – Friday the thirteenth: The Sport Overview

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Enjoying this from the Closed Beta the sport has not modified a lot upon launch. It has a number of server points, development points, mechanic points, and a few graphical issues. Hoping they put the fires out on this recreation we will start to expertise what this recreation is able to. I pray for a sizzling patch replace right here shortly in any other case we’ll be caught with Lifeless by Daylight as a superior uneven horror recreation.

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31 thoughts on “Jason Chokes on the Critiques – Friday the thirteenth: The Sport Overview

  1. I always felt that F13 and DBD both suck at balance, but F13 is way better when it comes to balance. I still think F13 was designed slightly better than DBD. But they are both great games. Only imo though.

  2. Tyde will you ever revisit this game? Preferred spawn for Jason is fixed now and I'm Jason every few rounds. Also offline bots are a thing and the counselors are for sure an equal match for Jason now. I honestly prefer this game to DBD because I feel powerful as the killer.

  3. I don't know why it's hard for people to understand that the game is not meant to be balanced. If players are unified, competent, and working as a team, almost everyone should be able to either escape or kill Jason with maybe one or two deaths. But just like the movies it's based off, you don't get that. Some people don't search cabins for items, some people don't know how to run from Jason, some people don't save others, some people hide in closets the whole time, some people communicate, some people don't, some people take a four seater car and escape by themselves. If they gave everyone an easy pass to surviving an encounter to Jason than the "theme" of the game is completely lost because there would be no immediate threat to his presence and worthless players wouldn't matter because a couple of decent players could carry the whole group. It's more of a testament to HOW different people are as players when it comes to working as a team vs solo.

  4. TydeTyme Hopefully, you have gotten better at playing a counselor since then. Or even better, you just quit playing the game. Being a counselor is not that hard, especially if you are lucky enough to find a lobby with a group of players that will work together. Or even better, enough friends to put together a private match. And just so you know, 30-40 matches +Beta is not enough practice to "git gud". This is not a game that you can step right into and be competitive. Maybe you should get a Nintendo Switch. That might fit your playstyle more.
    You did point out some real problems with the game that do need to be addressed. But, "I suck as a counselor" is not a valid argument as to why the game may or may not be broken.
    Also, I love how you argue at 4:08 about how dangerous melee combat against Jason is, and then at 4:20 you show Jason getting knocked on his ass by Jenny, with a wrench! I'm guessing you don't have this whole "editing" thing down any better than you do playing Friday the 13th. Just an observation.

  5. Nice review!
    I am a rather big fan of this game as you can see on my profile with my playtime of 182 hours.
    A lot of your points are very valid such as the instant killing however there is a lot of counters to Jason that i have found during my time playing which unfortunately not many people know of these methods in pubs. One of the most important things to learn how to do in this game is move unpredictably, when Jason is in his shift he can only move forward at a fast speed which is quite hard to control so your best bet is to sprint around unpredictably with results being even better if there is something in between you and Jason, this is also very effective against knives. When being chased by Jason it is less about out running him and more about how long it will take before Jason gets distracted by something more important such as a trap or a failed phone or car skill check, if this happens then great job you survived an encounter with Jason! Strangely i often take melee weapons over ranged weapons, this is because they are multi use and that alone is the reason i choose them, when using them it is a good idea to use them when ambushing Jason or saving a teammate from a grab, If you are good it is recommended to quickly sprint towards Jason and wait for him to grab or swing his weapon, when he dose it will open up a good opportunity to get a hit on him and as a result a stun, i do this successfully a lot of the time. Overall the most important part in this game is finding parts as fast as possible and being a nuance to Jason, this game has a high skill level and as a result it often takes a while before you can play effectively.

  6. Idk, I like the game, as long as the devs work to fix the bugs and add more content I'll enjoy the game, and I disagree on the stats, every stat is useful if you actually understand the game. I play with people who know the ins and outs, people who can juke shift grab and can fight back against Jason, the real criticism I give the game is it's failiure to explain gameplay mechanics, which leads to reviews like yours, filled with misleading things and misunderstandings of the game's mechanics and how the game works. I love your videos but this review does not reflect how the game plays when playing with capable players :/

  7. holy crap. I went through the steam forums and or course come across nothing but toxic sludge, but this video really shows how stupid the game mechanics are. You, as Jason, could see a blip on your screen at all times, and the shift grab is clearly OP. What is the point of hiding if you can just highlight everyone red? And being forced to wait until the end even though you are dead?!?! lol So glad I didn't waste 40 bucks on this

  8. Problem: Jason is very much overpowered.
    Reason: He has two teleports.
    Solution: Allow for teleportation from one body of water to another rather than just appearing in front of someone. Allow the use of Shift when nobody has LoS on you when entering and exiting.
    Result: Jason still has the insane Shift ability, but to the other 7 players, he's just outsmarting/running them. He is forced to position himself well in order to get the grab. The water teleport also helps add something from the films to the game while generating a little bit more downtime for the survivors while he walks to/from each body of water.

  9. Yeah I love this game to pieces and I set my game to Counselor preference, but I agree with everything you're saying. It's annoying getting grabbed instantly out of his shift so I always stay with someone. The thing that ticks me off is I play a character with 10 stealth and it means absolutely nothing because he has sense which lets him find me anywhere in the world eventually. It's also really annoying how he can trap objectives and the only way to disarm them is by finding the(slightly rare at least to me) pocket knife. But if you don't you just never can complete the objective, may as well stall twenty minutes. My other complaint is about the hiding spots in the game, closets, beds, tents, they serve no use because you breathe ridiculously loud or he just senses you. I wish these made you immune to sense but with some sort of downfall or something. At this point I'd rather sit behind a wall than in A HIDING SPOT.

  10. jason is perfect the way he is because they are keeping it as close as possible to the movies and if you have seen any of the movie you'll know that he's alway one step ahead of his victim also he has rarely been killed in the movie's

  11. i strongly agree with you every points. the fact that there are people defend jason being op is that they secretly enjoy killing surviver players easily like bots. it makes them satisfied being unstoppable. but for me if you like to kill tons of helplessly opponent, you can just play other game. unfair match is no fun at all

  12. tyde, i think alot of your complaints may stem from you typically like being the killer in these types of games, but you can't que up as a killer and it's a random chance. I think those reasons are why Jason's allowed to be a bit more OP, because it's completely random who gets to play, and people can't just always play as him to abuse him being so overpowered.

  13. I agree with the review although I do play and think it's fun. Probably because there's no real penalty for dying (like DbD) and I like watching the various different kills. Once there's a bit of balance brought in, F13 will be just as fun as DbD.

  14. I think one of the biggest problems when talking about this games balance is the horde of people claiming that Jason is "supposed to be OP". I can not understand how anyone can see OP as a positive thing under any circumstance.
    Jason is supposed to be very powerful, yes, but not over-powered. OP is just another way to say badly designed.

  15. I really hate that Jason outfit, the smooth and clean Jason whos off down the market tavern for a pint of Guinness and 3 games of Darts, hes dressed like my fucking dad..
    and hes basically nightcrawler …wtf Nintendo ?

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