Is Outriders Endgame Any Good?

Is Outriders Endgame Any Good?

Right now we’ll be taking an in depth have a look at one of the vital essential features of any loot recreation, the Endgame. Expeditions, Problem Tiers, and extra. Let’s go! This video is sponsored by NVIDIA. Comply with the hyperlink to enroll in GeForce NOW at a particular discounted price.

A key component to the longevity of any loot recreation is the endgame. What is the course of like for accumulating gear? Is there fascinating and distinctive loot hunt for? Will there be sufficient replayability within the ranges or selection in character builds? These are all fairly frequent questions for many loot-based video games, and Outriders is not any totally different.

I’ve completed taking part in by the video games marketing campaign, reached the max character degree of 30, and have begun the method of Finish Recreation myself. Right now I will be displaying you what Outriders Endgame appears like, what there may be to do, and giving a few of my early impressions from what I’ve seen up to now.

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Outriders is an upcoming third individual RPG Looter Shooter that is gotten plenty of early comparisons to titles like Future, Division, Warframe or Remnant From The Ashes.

The sport options 4 courses with distinctive abilities, passives, and playstyles. Loads of gear to gather as you chase sure stats, traits, and rarities. All kinds of areas to discover, monsters and executives to battle. Scaling problem development through world tier system. Character customization. And a totally voiced story marketing campaign.


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38 thoughts on “Is Outriders Endgame Any Good?

  1. I got a nasty bottom skill tree devastator build I hit 55k per impale it’s so nasty everyone just goes top tree because of weapon damage but that’s not always the best

  2. Everything looks great, but it just feels like the actions lack 'weight' to it. I'm not sure about how to explain it… but when I say weight I mean something like a Destiny 2 or a Titanfall.

  3. You finished the campaign in 2 days and got to the part where you repeat the same missions forever to get the same loot with diferent stats… Ill probably play it at around the 5th story dlc, if it lives that long…

  4. Yep so that settles it, I will pick it up in a few months' time when it's half price.

    I loved the demo and am glad the game is solid, just not convinced it's worth the $90 admission price >__>

  5. Its SUPER good.

    Most fun with 3 players imo..but its still fun solo.I just hope they stick with it and add content constantly or its gonna get boring after a month or so.

  6. Other than server issues, I've been having a lot of fun with the game. I don't expect hundreds of hours of gameplay so this game is getting a high score from me so far.

  7. Damn this looks boring, I don’t get it. Just a point and click simulator with added abilities. Definitely a wave shooter and nothing more. I don’t see why this formula is so exciting for people? It looks stale and repetitive

  8. Imagine if the retards as Bungie gave us this kind of endgame on day one. Instead, they gave you bounties and running around brainlessly in patrol asking yourself why the fuck you're logged in into a game with zero content.

  9. This game's battles are built just like Remnant From the Ashes. You basically moved to an area fight some waves move to another area fight some more waves and then you get to a boss who usually has ads running in to fight as well. Very similar to Remnant From the Ashes

  10. Well……Doesn't look good for me then, I like to play as a sniper and hate the 'Bull in a china shop' style gameplay so endgame sounds like you HAVE to rush in and if you like the sniper-style you're fucked.
    So besides the fact you can not play this game for more than 20 minutes without the servers going BOOM the end game is a rush like fuck style gameplay and anyone that likes to take things steady or snipe can just go play something else.

  11. I fully agree with the sentiment "fundamentals is what it does right"…

    I have several issues with core movement system, such as when you change direction quickly (left/right) the camera janks and it feels unpolished/ unfinished. Or the fact the cover system slows down the combat severely and overall just feels a bit out of place, the combat is generally to fast paced or does not emphasize the ussage of cover.
    There's also the fact that some enemies may not always telegraph their stuns before using them, which is likely a bug that will be fixed relatively soon.

    But even though I have a lot of issues with the game, I'm really enjoying it more than I had expected.. 15 hours in and I haven't gone through the campaign fully, I'm doing various sidequests and overall just experimenting with different builds.

    If you're a fan of looter shooters this might be the game to buy or atleast keep an eye on.

    NOTE: There has been a lot of server issues shortly after release, the downtime is typically between 30m – 1hour.

    EDIT: I've had no instances of losing any real progression and all the loot found seconds before disconnects have been saved… In other words: Your loot is safe, even during server issues.

  12. Just did the campaign with no side quest in a day. I was actually surprised how long it went on for and the story got better from the forest onward. Really enjoying a 100% up time pyro gunner build. Single tapping an LMG for head seeking mini missiles and occasionally making whole waves explode at once with my "spare" move. Don't expect this game to last more than a couple of weeks but I only paid £35 for it which seems about right.

  13. Kinda surprised about the time. They were saying 30-40 hours to beat the campaign depending on how many side quests you do, then there's the whole endgame after that. I'm close to 20hrs myself right now and i'm almost finished with the campaign and i've done every side thing i can along the way. I suppose it would be faster at lower world tier but i kept progressing world tier rather than rushing at a low tier.

  14. How can you get to "endgame" when the game doesn't work for 3 days of launch due to server issues. I feel like it's on you as content creators to hold these "developers" to task. I am hoping to see a video real soon warning consumers. I mean this is a scam!

  15. Lets be honest folks, Destiny 2 will remain the reigning king of Looter Shooters for a nice while longer. I mean, looking at the endgame in Outriders, thats not gonna hold up for to long. This game HAS alot of potential but will be plauged by the same thing that plauges Warframe today, group content. When you look at destiny, you have Raids, Gambit, PvP, Reckoning, TRUE open world missions, strikes, Dungeons. The endgame is true endgame in Destiny. Now, in Outriders the endgame looks like a filler. People Can Fly sure better announce group style missions in the future. The very NEAR future.

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