Introducing Opera GX - first GAMING BROWSER!

Introducing Opera GX – first GAMING BROWSER!

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Hear from Opera GX’s product supervisor Maciej Kocemba.

Opera GX is a particular model of the Opera browser, particularly tailor-made for a greater gaming expertise. The browser contains distinctive options that can assist you get probably the most out of each gaming and searching.

Be taught extra about Opera GX:

Opera GX options:
Twitch integration – Observe your favorite channels
GX Management – restrict the browser’s CPU and RAM utilization
GX Nook – newest gaming information and offers
GX design – superior customisation and gaming {hardware} assist
Video come out – watch video on high of different tabs and functions
SFX – game-inspired sound results

Be taught extra about Opera GX:

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49 thoughts on “Introducing Opera GX – first GAMING BROWSER!

  1. Desde que conocí a Opera GX me enamoré de ese navegador; es innovador, rompe los estereotipos de navegadores sencillos y ayuda a tener mejor control sobre la ram. Aún le falta por ser el mejor de todos, pero el recorrido para ser el sobresaliente solo está en la vuelta de la esquina.

  2. my 3rd comment, nvm
    i love the inbult background music it relaxes mind…
    and its animated wallpaper r too good
    overall the best browser ever experienced so far
    every gamer in this world should try it at once…

  3. will use opera gx while playing gta 5 in my low end pc, it never takes intensive ram and is too comfortable with my pc
    loves this browser
    i m waiting for further good updates
    keep it up opera !

  4. Late comment but, The Youtubers that I watch are getting sponsored my Opera GX and after 2 Months I finally gave it a try. And I have to say, It's a much more better experience that Chrome (Which I've used for over 3 years).

  5. lol this is the most stupid browser i've ever heard of like seriously gAmINg bROwsER OOOOH So cOOl

    bruh i'd rather use Firefox that no one uses anymore instead of this sucky shit lmao

    "gAmiNG BroWSer" lmao

  6. The idea sounds stupid at first glance. A browser made for gaming? LOL

    But after using it.. holy shit I love it.

    Tbh you guys can even make a work focused version of Opera GX and market to offices


  8. im being serious when i say this. Oprea GX, is my favourite gaming browser. its just really cool to have immediate access to whatsapp on the side bar (Yes, whats app.) as well as twitch. i dont use it very often but when i do, its just easy to use. and the sound effects are pretty nice.
    edit: also the ad block is pretty nice as well.

  9. I love Opera, thanks for your work, your the best and the navigator is the most powerfull of the world.
    Good job to the all team !

    Take care of you!
    – Matéo

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