Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Information – Left 4 Lifeless 2

An replace has been launched for Left 4 Lifeless 2.

– Mounted “New Haircut” achievement to not permit club-type melee weapons.
– Further prevention of getting disconnected when spamming the scroll wheel.
– In Survival mode, if a particular contaminated reviews as caught for greater than two minutes it would suicide.
– Compiled captions and subtitles from dlc1.
– Mounted a pair situations the place tank might spawn outdoors the warp verify zone (however was meant to be warped)
– Added nav in floor in outer areas in order that throwing a bile on the market would not trigger contaminated to only stand round.
– Blood Harvest 2 Warehouse Survival: shortened a nav blocker subsequent to some stairs.
– Examine for Realism along with Coop base mode for all exploit fixes to stop some shortcut fixes from spawning in Realism Coop.
– Moved 64 exploit blocks to Versus-only, most notably Darkish Carnival 3 Coaster, Parish 5 Bridge and Lifeless Air 2 Crane.

Rocket Dude:
– eliminated PlayerUnderWater()
– added Speedrunner stats ( native use solely )
– improved script efficiency
– mounted script enabling glows for projectiles on a number of ticks
– eliminated out of date code precaching an early dev mannequin

Tank Run:
– Throughout the finale, the double-Tank spawns at the moment are set to 40 seconds as an alternative of the traditional 20 second timer.

– Elevated max ghost spawn timers to 24 seconds.
– Mounted witches time to kill on incapacitated survivors being quicker than meant – it ought to now take the identical time as pre-update.

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– Cane Area: Moved the ammo pile on the roof barely.
– Float: Eliminated the ammo pile inside the home on the backside of the steps.
– Generator Room: Mounted ZombieDiscardRange not working correctly.
– Crash Course Bridge: Marked nav areas behind a fence as NO MOBS.
– Gun Retailer: Clipped exploit space above barricades the place contaminated would not path to the Survivors.
– Chilly Stream Junkyard: Eliminated alarmed automobile that is out-of-map.
– Terminal: Mounted ZombieSpawnRange not working correctly.
– Waterfront: Blocked extra nav areas in an alley to stop the Tank from getting caught.

Versus Survival:
– The prepare door will now routinely open when the countdown timer reaches 0 on Prepare Automobile.

– Mounted subject the place survivor bots refused to path via the kitchen hearth space.
– Moved an uncovered stairwell harm set off down inside a merchandising machine to cease it from killing gamers.
– Mounted a forklift being breakable by survivors
– Barely adjusted an contaminated ladder to enhance usability
c4m1 + c4m4:
– Blocked survivor entry to a rooftop subsequent to the playground generally used to grief
– Added a ladder from map 2/3 for consistency between maps and to assist gamers who fall off the secure room roof
– Added an contaminated ladder to get out of a caught spot
– Added a hittable dumpster behind the loos within the park
– Changed a prop ladder on high of the bus station with an contaminated ladder
– Changed a prop ladder with an contaminated ladder (behind the fence instantly after survivors drop in direction of the cemetery)
– Added an additional ladder to the above talked about fence
– Mounted grenade launcher spawns having an incorrect depend.
– Added a clip to stop gamers motion being obstructed by a ladder close to the automobile alarm
– Added unsuitable approach indicators above the greenhouse secure room
Final Stand:
– Mounted rescue closet spawns within the Junkyard so Survivors do not get caught within the ground or wall.

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