I'm angry I wasted so much time on Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Review)

I'm offended I wasted a lot time on Murderer's Creed Valhalla (Assessment)

I want I might get a refund on the time I spent with Murderer’s Creed Valhalla.

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23 thoughts on “I'm offended I wasted a lot time on Murderer's Creed Valhalla (Assessment)

  1. Hardcore Assassin's Creed fan here. I am not buying the game now because of you. Like you said there is a 15 hours mid-game in odessy that become repetitive and I don't want that for 50 hour in Valhalla. Maybe I buy the game next year. I was not sure if I have to get it now but this review helped me a lot, Thanks bro

  2. Even looting a chest is boring. You can't just open the door and go in the room to collect. You need to go to the corner where there's an entrance where you can get. It gets so boring overtime.

  3. I play this game so that I go to interesting areas first and these areas mostly have bigger power required, like Sciropescire was way more interesting than Oxenenfordscire so, I did sc first and then I blew through ox to get some more interesting gameplay, same with East Anglia and Lunden.

  4. I disagree with this review so much. not in the mood to adress every point in the video I disagree with but just wanna say that just because you try to rush trough a game to get to the next one doesn´t mean it´s bad for most players to have a very big and long game. believe it or not but some people really appreciate getting tons of content for their money and don´t mind an epic saga

  5. Damn bro… Go get some sun. People like you, that literally devote every second of their life to playing/reviewing video games, need a life. No game is perfect, ACV included, but a lot of work went into this game and that should be appreciated. When was the last time you developed a game and let other people pick it apart? Moral of the story… Relax, buddy. It is a game after all and you should encourage the developers to do better, not push them off a cliff and claim your motives were 'friendly'.

  6. "I haven't bought or played a ubisoft game in last 14 years!" And this statement is on every single resume I sent out as a proof of my perfect mental health and judgement.

  7. You claim you wasted time and yet you're wasting more time making this video about wasting time, so ultimately you've wasted way more time than you would of normally, therefore your opinion is noted and I completely disagree, also I'm wasting your time right now, so suck it

  8. I enjoyed odyssey but this I am forcing myself to play it mostly because I'm OCD and want to see the end of the story I wanted to like this game I really did but I just cant take it any more if it wasnt for excalibur I'd have quit a long time ago

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