IGN Reviews - Dead Island: Game Review

IGN Evaluations – Useless Island: Recreation Assessment

Greg Miller and IGN take you thru the ups and downs of this extremely anticipated recreation Useless Island. Hear as you fills you in with all of the yummy particulars.

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22 thoughts on “IGN Evaluations – Useless Island: Recreation Assessment

  1. Techland definitely know how to make an atmospheric games. Those sort of games are the best that will stick with you forever like fo3, stalker series, dying light, dead island.

  2. I played it after my favourite game,ever, dying light. I never understood that it was the same studio who made both games. It really does feel like the devs took on board the DI shortfalls and implemented them in to DL. DI is huge. But the 4 character narrative gets odd in the narrative sometimes. Crafting feels wasted. I have collected so many items that are unused, and I've completed 70% of the game already. It's a chore and confusing comparing weapons with each other. The leveling up system is a weak point, you never really look forwards to the next level. After a while side missions become kind of boring too, and the jungle map is confusing "got get this, get back here, go get another thing, get back here". That being said, I enjoy it and it passes the time until DL2 is released. I'd recommend it if you liked DL. The AI of the npc's is annoying too. Zombies will detect you immediatly, and the humans/thugs will do the same thing all the time, duck behind crates and peek out and a specific time, so there is no problem knowing when to shoot them. I wish the vehicles at least had different paint jobs. The environments are varying, and so are the different types of npc's.

  3. Im playing this game is ok but i can get in to the story is so boring not interesting hope get better next mission. Dying light got me from the beginning but this is not.

  4. The visual issues?? Thats your only issue?! LOL.. this game DOESN'T autosave!!! I finished the exodus mission and was trying to get back to Sinamoi. That's another thing is travelling go destinations is really confusing and zombies appear EVERYWHERE and Then when I try to get back (because FAST TRAVEL SOMEHOW WON'T WORK) i get ambushed by loads of zombies, die and it loads my checkpoint to a stupid point and I have go do it all over again. This has occured three times now. It IS an addictive game but these issues are making me not want to play lol smh

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