IGN Reviews - Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Game Review

IGN Evaluations – Dragon Ball Z Final Tenkaichi Recreation Assessment

IGN evaluations the brand new sport Dragon Ball Z Final Tenkaichi. Dragon Ball Z followers have cause to rejoice with this sport adaptation for the well-known …

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26 thoughts on “IGN Evaluations – Dragon Ball Z Final Tenkaichi Recreation Assessment

  1. I absolutely hated this game. The battle were so boring and automated. As for story, I never got past great ape vegeta. Budokai tenkaichi 3 had better combat, and xenoverse had a WAY BETTER character creation system.

  2. if you took ultimate tenkaichi, like, literally all of it, and just swapped out the combat system for the one used in Raging Blast 2, it would easily be the greatest dragon ball z game of all time. I bet a really talented modder could take the two games and fuse them together if he got the permission.

  3. Every Dragon Ball fan I know hates this game, yet IGN loved it. This game is shallower than a puddle of water, and the only thing saving it is the Dragon Ball moniker.

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