IGN Reviews - God of War: Origins - Game Review

IGN Critiques – God of Battle: Origins – Recreation Overview

Kratos returns to the PS3 in God of Battle Origins, however have these PSP classics misplaced their luster? Discover out right here on this unique IGN first look. IGN’s YouTube is simply …

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40 thoughts on “IGN Critiques – God of Battle: Origins – Recreation Overview

  1. So hold on, the game was given a 9 and you're actually complaining? It doesn't matter whether or not he thought Kratos was annoying, he still gave the games a very high rating.

  2. A character like Kratos was perfect for this game,  Considering the brutal gameplay of GOW his character was a good choice.  A character who's full of rage ALL the time and who would kill innocence and doesn't give a shit fits the nature of the gameplay. I don't think I would have as much fun with a character with more personality like Nathan drake or marston, it wouldn't fit their character to be ripping torso's in half.

  3. "I don't like him because all he does is scream and yell"


    The irony being that this came from Greg Miller when all he did in his early years of IGN was yell and scream like an obnoxious twat.

  4. Greg Miller has some great reviews and I agree with him on the "Kratos sucks" not as a badass but as a supposed 3 dimentional character. Let`s be honest here, Kratos is nothing more than a stereotype. Not that this is wrong in such a game, however the story could have benefitted from Kratos actually having some distinct personality traits.

  5. HA HA! Yeah I can see why people are so upset about this review. It sounds bad the way he put it but you've got to admit he's got some point about the story. The plot in these games is epic and satisfying but never particularly deep.

  6. Kratos was novel at first, but that one-dimensional characterization wears off REAL quickly. Good thing the series has great gameplay and decent plot, because Kratos as a character really does suck.

  7. I understand his opinion on kratos, but in my opinion I love his character. Yes he yells and is about anger and revenge. But the saga is my favorite overa nd other game franchise. Kratos was someone I literally pretended to be. I thought his power was so neat. And I love Greek mythology. But I'm just a 15 year old kid. I don't know much :p but I have plantinumed god of war 1, 2, and 3. And beat all of them. U can check under my pen name haydenddddd. Lol I reread this and I sound like a jerk. I promise I wasn't trying to, I love Greg miller.

  8. Why is everyone so upset about the "Kratos sucks"
    He meant as a character.
    All he does is yell angrily. Theres nothing else to him.
    The game got a 9.0 you you little shits, be grateful. 

  9. Chain of Olympus – The graphics are similar to the first GOW from PS2. There are some cool, classic GOW puzzles on the first half of the game but the other is just hack n slash and a little repetitive. The game is only 5-6 hours long. Great fun for any GOD fan!

    Ghost of Sparta – The graphics are wat betten than chain of Olympus! It reminded me a lot GOD2 from Ps2. Only 5-6 hours long. Whar lacked in this game is puzzles! Seriously, there was only one the whole game and it was easy… Good action and fun for ant GOD fan!

    Overall the package is awesome and totally worth $20-25 bucks!

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