Spotlight Video Game Reviews - WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

Highlight Video Recreation Opinions – WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

Episode 26: WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

WWF Royal Rumble is knowledgeable wrestling online game launched in 2000 for arcades and Dreamcast. THQ launched the sport for the Dreamcast whereas Sega launched the sport for arcades. The arcade model was the primary WWF recreation launched to arcades since WWF WrestleMania in 1995, and the final WWF or WWE arcade recreation up to now. Japanese firm Yuke’s, builders of the WWF SmackDown! sequence of wrestling video games was concerned within the recreation’s improvement and launched the Dreamcast model in Japan. The sport is predicated on the World Wrestling Federation and the corporate’s yearly Royal Rumble occasion.

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46 thoughts on “Highlight Video Recreation Opinions – WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

  1. I wasn't mad at this game. Wrestling games back then wasn't doing shit with the THQ games til SmackDown came out (didn't this come out first?). I liked the arcade feel of it, plus the 8 man shit was SSM before SSM. MADNESS.

  2. Such a wasted opportunity. This game represents my only gripe with the DreamCast, how a lot of games were arcade ports even when they didn't need to be. They should've just ported Smackdown 2.

  3. One of the biggest disappointments on the DC. I traded in my ps2 to buy one and I thought I was finally going to get a next gen Smackdown with this. Couldn’t have been more wrong. The DC got screwed on wrestling games and so did I.

  4. They recycle the wrestlers at a royal rumble event smh lol why would they call a game royal rumble with only 19 characters and the royal rumble event have 30 wrestlers to participate every year lol

  5. Purely a couch multiplayer game. No reason to play single player. It had it's moments back in 2000, but the planet was still playing the n64 masterpieces- Revenge/No Mercy

  6. We got dlo and al snow but no christian or billy gunn? Smh And how are you going to have a game called royal rumble but not even have 30 wrestlers?! A lil more than half of whats needed for a true royal rumble

  7. the music is a generic dance song? no form of music is more wwe than generic music, for one thing. also most wwe games have a custom sound track because its new content to put in the game in stead of just using the same music used for tv

  8. Basically an arcade port of the SmackDown series. To find a solid wrestling game you would have had to import Fire Pro D, Giant Gram 3, or Touken Restudien 4. This really could have been a solid franchise or at least ported SD to Dreamcast.

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