Hearthstone's overdue rebalance is coming 'early next week'

Hearthstone’s overdue rebalance is coming ‘early subsequent week’

As Ben “RidiculousHat” Goodman identified yesterday, the Hearthstone meta has descended into lunacy. Actually, because of the Deck of Lunacy card making the No Minion Mage deck a relentless annoyance for everybody who is not taking part in one, whereas Paladin decks are additionally dominating. As Goodman wrote, “Everyone else is grasping at straws.”

That is about to vary, though maybe not quickly sufficient for everybody’s liking. As Hearthstone lead designer Alec Dawson stated on Twitter at present, “Balance changes [are] to go out early next week with 20.0.2. We’ll be targeting some cards in Mage, Paladin, Rogue, and Neutral. Hoping to create more space for experimentation in the early Barrens meta and have a more diverse field of classes. 6 changes in total, details coming soon.”

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