Genesis Noir: Nintendo Switch Game Review (also on PC)

Genesis Noir: Nintendo Change Sport Assessment (additionally on PC)

Genesis Noir pretends to be a gritty detective journey novel, turned online game, however fails to limit itself to restrain itself to effectively.. actually any limits by any means! Miss Mass is being shot by Golden Boy, her jilted lover, and now… you need to cease time, discover the origins of the universe, decode the spiral, and rescue you quickly to be ex-mistress. Good luck!

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20 thoughts on “Genesis Noir: Nintendo Change Sport Assessment (additionally on PC)

  1. This one is for me, for sure. Maybe a little too expensive for the moment but it goes to my wishlist and I'll wait for a sale. Thanks for the review.

  2. This game looks absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to play it. Once I take a break from Monster Hunter Rise, this will be the first game I play. Great review!

  3. I was sitting on the fence with this one, but now I’m going to get it, probably wait for a little sale, as i have a huge backlog I want to attack first. Thanks for the great review!!

  4. Another interesting game here, though I'll wait for a substantial rebate. I think It's worth pointing out that all games from the same publisher (Fellow Traveller) are on sale right now, some of which I've heard great things (like "Neo Cab" and "The Stillness of the Wind").

    About that pointer precision issue, do you know if the game uses touch controls in portable mode ? That may mitigate the problem.

  5. The "mix" sounds pretty interesting and I really enjoy the visual presentation. I'll get it!
    If it weren't for your review, I wouldn't even have heard of this one. Thanks

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