GAME REVIEWS: Megaman Maverick Hunter X (PSP)

GAME REVIEWS: Megaman Maverick Hunter X (PSP)

A brief assessment this time spherical, primarily as a result of there’s nothing actually to touch upon for the gameplay, aside from the truth that it is Megaman X!


Wanting Again:
My third assessment and the primary one the place I have a look at a more moderen recreation. This one was okay in comparison with my first two opinions. One noticeable enchancment was the truth that I ACTUALLY began utilizing music from the sport (kind of within the case of this assessment) within the credit, however once more it is ruined a bit by the very fact I used the identical crappy intro AGAIN. One different downside was that my narration high quality returned to the abysmal customary set by the Ecco assessment: muffled sound and a voice so dangerous you’d suppose that I had a severe chilly in the course of the time (maybe I did…however I do not keep in mind sadly). However except for that, this assessment is a vital addition to my channel as its my most considered assessment so far, and it additionally has the honour of being essentially the most considered assessment of the sport to this present day (not attempting to brag or appear egotistical or something, however it’s true to date).

Wow…over 9000 views…no I am not going to make use of that joke.

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43 thoughts on “GAME REVIEWS: Megaman Maverick Hunter X (PSP)

  1. Imma thumbs down this review. I hate that I have to shut off everything in the room, turn Youtube up to full volume, turn my PC to full volume, only to hear half of what you are saying. -.-

  2. Such a shame this and Powered up didn't sell enough to warrant their respective sequels remade in the shame fashion. I would kill for a Megaman Powered up 2-8 or Maverick Hunter X2-X6

  3. There's still hope somehow : Rayman came back in 2D and everybody said it was way better than any other 3D Rayman. Give it a lil' time and maybe people will realize the true potential of 2D…

  4. They should have kept the good old 2D graphics with a HD touch, this fake 3D is quite ugly. Why is it that every good games wanna go 3D all of a sudden : Bomberman, Megaman, Castlevania, hell, even Sparkster got a bad lifting (and the list is non-exhaustive). 3D games always get painful to watch after a few years but 2D is way prettier and never gets old. They should get it to their heads : WE WANT BEAUTIFUL 2D games, not TASTELESS 3D games. More games like Muramasa or Odin Sphere!

  5. Maverick Hunter X's music was complete ass to the SNES version, it was just really quiet techno versions of all the great originals, I hate listening to them, I keep trying to give them a chance but it doesnt work, its just crap compared the SNES versions.

    You forgot to mention every fucking time you fire your weapon he says something stupid like "FIRE WAVE! FIRE WAVE! FIRE WAVE! FIRE WAVE!" Like jesus shut the fuck.

    The dialogue is also pretty cheezy compared to the original

  6. @LD1E60 if this is true, why REDS has better graphics than original??
    if you ask me, there is something wrong with vgs when they made PSX and N64, cuz there is always the same conflict…."Graphics"

  7. @LD1E60 well, MAYBE the NDS can beat PSP's graphics of this game, cuz i saw many games of PSP and they were awesome, but this…is a bit sad, maybe the users never spected the remake like this one, maybe with the power of the PSP they spected higher graphics…i loved the "anime" style of the scenes btw

  8. The only thing that i hate in this version is the music. They made it like Eletronic, but the original sounds like Rock/Metal. I don't know why new games don't use rock/metal in soundtrack =/

  9. And just to go back on that argument 3 months ago for the hell of it while I'm here, I might as well say that in retrospect I meant that accessibility affects one's ability to buy a game, not the quality of the game itself. Accessibility only really reflects back on the gaming company. If I had said that there would probably have been much less of a misunderstanding.

    I shouldn't have brought up ratings entirely. Oh well.

  10. I don't think I've liked anything MegaMan that was made for the DS, really. All of them are terrible whether or not you want to compare them to Maverick Hunter X and Mega Man Powered Up.

    Maybe you're going to the same Gamestop and seeing the same copy every time.

  11. Now BECAUSE it didn't get those sales, we have a problem. The game went out of production pretty damn quick. So even the people who wanted it couldn't get it then because it's become rare.

    Anyway all I'm really doing at this point is defending myself and wishing you would grow up and shut up, as with my health deteriorating daily I could feel a lot better without these goddamn emails directing me to your comments insisting that I'm "whining" when really I just want this conversation to end.

  12. IGN is professional, and wouldn't do this. I would. Personal preference. And you're acting like my rating of the accessibility changes the funness or quality of the gameplay. I never said it did.

    It doesn't serve any purpose to whine so I don't see why you'd think I'm doing it. I'm not expecting there to be another MHX, be it a sequel or a port. But we both know it didn't get the sales that it should have because it was on the wrong platform.

  13. There's a little something called "accessibility" that ought to affect the rating of a game.

    And YOU ought to learn the difference between whining and making an argumentative statement.

  14. You're not getting it.
    I'm not buying a PSP just for one or two games. It has a shitty library and I don't want a PSP. But it's not even ABOUT what I want. It's about what a vast majority of the world wants, and that's NOT a PSP.

  15. I'd give it a higher score if the idiots released it for an affordable game system.

    I'm sorry but it was a bad decision. They made an excellent remake and didn't make enough money for it because they were trying to give it to the wrong audience. A few rare people bought the PSP just to get this game and Mega Man Powered Up, but it wasn't enough. Now they won't make a Maverick Hunter X 2 because they don't realize where they fucked up.

  16. Other notable differences you might have pointed out regarding this remake of the first MMX game, is that the bosses look slightly different from their original SNES designs. Well I mean they look pretty much the same but they look slightly different if you compare them. And of course there's the re-location of the armor capsules which some people here have already pointed out. But hey, I'm just naming a few other things regarding this game.

  17. Great review man. You sure did one heck of a job pointing out the differences, alikeness, and what makes the game enjoyable. And I also agree about what you said regarding the short unlockable anime sequence. It's quite entertaining and the animation and voice acting in my opinion is far superior to that from Megaman X4. Anyway, great review.

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