Castle Ravenloft: Board Game Review

Fort Ravenloft: Board Sport Assessment

On this video we overview Fort Ravenloft, a dungeon crawl cooperative board recreation based mostly off the favored RPG franchise Dungeons and Dragons. All pictures are …

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36 thoughts on “Fort Ravenloft: Board Sport Assessment

  1. total noob here, is this the type of game where you have a dungeon master (or whatever he's called) ? so if you have 3 players only 2 can play?

  2. My gf and i have started getting into playing different games. It started with boss monster than call to adventure and were looking to progress. I started playing magic arena then we got some deck builder sets and a D&D starter box yesterday. Really i wish i saw one of these games at the store would've gotten it. With 2 people playing d&d one of us would have to switch out to play dm and being new idk….

  3. are these heroes and characters even villains can be found on the newer 5e players handbook?also,i noticed that some of these stats are much higher that those of wrath of ashardalon's?would it cost complications if you crossover the characters and villains from one set to another?

  4. Thank you i am going to buy this for christmas i am new to DnD (i own the starter edition) and love it i want to take on a new adventure and that i can play this alone is great!

  5. As aesthetically enticing as they look, the trouble with these games is that they are spoilt by over-relying on chance cards and dice rolls at the expense of strategy. I like a game where I can really think in order to win. What do you lot all think?

  6. these look awesome, I'm going to have to buy all three in this series, I'm going to get one each month, starting tomorrow, mainly because they can be played by just one person, if your by yourself on a rainy day,,,try that with regular D&D RPG, it ain't no fun…I only wish I had started playing when I was younger, hell I'm 41 playing D&D…lol

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