Fable: The Lost Chapters PC Games Review - Fable Video

Fable: The Misplaced Chapters PC Video games Assessment – Fable Video


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25 thoughts on “Fable: The Misplaced Chapters PC Video games Assessment – Fable Video

  1. "The world really responds to the decisions you make…"

    No it doesn't, they're scared of you if you're alignment is evil but do enough good things and they'll all forget it. And at the end of the day, everyone expects you to beat the bad guy even if you yourself is the meanest bastard in the land.

  2. some say that this game is bad or repetitive,but I say that this game is so good,I finished this game like 9 times and I still have more to discouver.And you can't get bored,there is so much to do,like if you are evil try to get every bandit and then attack Oakvale,or try to buy a shop or like a hole town,really how can you get bored of this game

  3. When I was a little child I loved that game. And I still love it. Unfortunatly I didn't play Fable 2, but I loved Fable 3 too. I am sure, Fable 2 is a great game too.

  4. Still probably my favorite game of all time. I will say that the PC version isn't really any bigger. The quests and size of the game are determined on whether you have fable TLC or just the original fable. The main differences are that you have to go back and fight jack of blades again and this time he takes the form of a dragon. There is also a very large new area with new orange guards which have 1200 health instead of 1000 like black clothed guards. Also in the original game jack of blades sword is about twice as strong as it is in TLC but TLC has other swords that are cooler looking just not quite as strong. If anyone is looking for a good game to play for cheap this is it for sure. I do a few run throughs still every year or so.

  5. This game made my childhood great I had and Xbox shocking thing is I've never touched a Xbox 360 and I think fable 2 and 3 just don't stand up to the original

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