F1 2019 Review

F1 2019 Evaluation

F1 2019 reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Professional. Additionally obtainable on PC.

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45 thoughts on “F1 2019 Evaluation

  1. I have not played any f1 games to date and wanted to get into one. I could get 2018 one for half the price than the 2019 and wanted to know if the changes and upgrades are significant to get 2019. I know he talks a lot about similarities, so I was not sure about what might be better. I do seem to like the lighting more in 2019. Also, I am more of an arcade person and enjoy forza horizon 3 and 4, not the motorsport series.

  2. Ive avoided buying these F1 games since 2016 as i feel the changes from year to year arent enough. I just bought F1 2019 in a sale. The changes from the 2016 game are for me a great improvement and im loving the career mode. For me this is a 9.2 score.

  3. I own both games F1 2018 and F1 2019 and I must say it is valid that lots of stuff from 2018 do repeat 2019 is still better with lots of improved ways AI drivers drive and not to mention some graphical improvements. While I personally am not a bit a fan of career modes in this kind of games and I did played it only a bit of F2 parts where I find interviews really irritating I prefer to make my own championship and play as one of famous drivers (but that is my personal preference) in general game offers lots ways to play, one of most interesting ones I find in time trial mode where you can drive against your own ghost on the track best time ofc, but also against players ghost online who had best time above you in the ladder. That makes it much more interesting imo.
    In general game is well worth the price especially if you do not own 2018 F1 game and wanna try F1 game and also because settings can be set in million ways, you can even redesign your hud.
    All in all great game, with imo best view from full cockpit camera with halo right there standing.

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