Tournament of Champions Pt. 4

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Champions Jared Logan, Siobhan Thompson, and Jon Gutierrez compete for the title of Most Appropriate.

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Key: recreation changer lie detector

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29 thoughts on “Event of Champions Pt. 4”
  1. Um, Actually, toads do speak, as a matter of fact, in Super Mario Sunshine, in fact it is one of the first lines of the game: 'What's this icky paint like goop!? its moving?!" followed by elder toad warning the small toads; "Now now boys, don't touch that stuff!"

  2. Um Actually, they don't go to Nidavellir in Infinity War they go to Knowhere which is where we are told the infinity gauntlet is forged along with Stormbreaker

  3. The Nidavellir might be with Gutz though, because when Hela sees the gauntlet in Odin's treasury in Thor Ragnarok she goes "Fake." which suggests Thanos grabbed the real one.

  4. UM ACTUALLY, WHERE'S BRENNAN! Don't worry buddy we're getting in the comments for you cause this is an OUTRAGE that you're not in this!! If there's anyone who's the real champ it's Brennan <3

  5. When was this filmed?
    "I can't wait for Fox to make a Doop movie" – Um, actually Fox doesn't own the film rights to the X-Men anymore, Marvel Studios does.

  6. I have written a novel series the name of which and the name of the first novel (mostly/party) appeared in the title shiny question. I did have an "oh wait…" moment, quickly followed by a "why the fuck would they?" moment 😀

  7. Um, actually Toad does speak very clear words on occasion, in Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker the titular character Captain Toad says a lot of things in plain English such as "time for adventure," and "fight time,"

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