Eve Online adds a setting to remove space ships

Eve On-line provides a setting to take away area ships

Eve On-line is so intently related to the joke about “spreadsheet” gaming that the primary time I noticed it years again I used to be genuinely shocked that it truly has fairly, 3D ships. I suppose I used to be anticipating a really complicated space-themed MUD. Effectively, now it’ll have an choice to grow to be that, form of. A brand new graphical setting for lowering GPU load throughout large area battles will take away all that fairly outer area out of your view, captain, leaving solely the interface stuffed with numbers and letters.

There it’s. Gaming the best way the universe supposed.

UI-only mode, ta Kotaku.

The brand new “UI-only” setting is presently being examined in Eve On-line’s public take a look at server. “The ability to toggle off the 3D scene will allow quick access to a high-performance, low-GPU-usage mode when viewing the 3D scene is not necessary,” CCP Video games say of their discussion board publish. “We’re hoping this will be useful both for players who want to lower GPU load on very low-end machines and for those who are engaged in fleet fights with thousands of players on grid that might be very taxing for their systems to render.”

CCP’s model director advised Kotaku “Obviously this option is meant for only the most extreme situations, but as we all know, EVE is all about extreme situations and with war raging, every frame counts. We look forward to being surprised by the creative ways in which this feature is embraced by our community!”

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Other than spreadsheets, the opposite factor EVE is understood for is its large area battles between fleets of participant ships. Effectively, now it’ll be area battles between fleets of interfaces. Who wants ships anyway after we all have the ability of creativeness?

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