EARLY MASTER CYCLE GLITCH | Zelda Breath Of the Wild [Botw & Tricks]

Key: the legend of zelda breath of the wild sport overview

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23 thoughts on “EARLY MASTER CYCLE GLITCH | Zelda Breath Of the Wild [Botw & Tricks]”
  1. 11:05
    Link: Y'know what, I already got this motorcycle so imma go sleep for another 100 years
    Kass: Guess I'll just take over this game now, The Legend of Kass

  2. AMAZING how many dumbasses have fallen for this. THIS IS FAKE PEOPLE. NOT REAL. This person CLEARLY completed the trials legitimately, than did some clever editing. You people are IDIOTS

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  4. So essentially 1. Using moon jump to bring final trial location to a new ‘different mode’ game, 2. Go to your new game maybe just after plateau etc and u will spawn right in front of final trial. 3. Go into final trial but save and reload to bring yourself outside of final trail. 4. Go do apparatus ‘ragdol’ glitch to trick link coordinate 5. Reload final trial save and u will spawn inside final trial but Monk Will be confused because he thinks ure not there. 6. Laugh at him while he dies and get master cycle. 7. Go explore the rest of Hyrule with ur new bike which is slower than 5 speed horse

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