DREAMS PS4 REVIEW: One of the Most Innovative Games in Years | PlayStation 4

DREAMS PS4 REVIEW: One of many Most Modern Video games in Years | PlayStation 4

In our Goals PS4 overview we ship our verdict on Media Molecule’s magnum opus, which is among the most modern PlayStation 4 video games of all time.

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33 thoughts on “DREAMS PS4 REVIEW: One of many Most Modern Video games in Years | PlayStation 4

  1. Here's how people should think about Dreams


    Platform Engine meets the look of Pixar.

    The way the game was created was to give you the ability to "loosely" create your own platform (really).

    That's just how the game is set up.

    Its like an alternate challenger Mario Maker except a little less with a whole lot of other abilities given to it to allow the player to create other things since the PS4 gives it the power to do so. But at the heart of it, its just a basic platform engine and a kid's perception creation tool. Which is probably the best at that of what it is. (Like a creative kid that didn't know what he was doing and a genie appeared to grant him a wish. Since the kid was inexperienced, he wished for the ability to create ANYTHING he wanted but and give others the ability as well. Everyone else ran off with the idea of creation with it first before he.)

    Is it worth your money?


    Even if you don't wanna create anything, its like seeing what other people, the little people, and fans are capable of. Plus, buying this 1 game is like buying many many MANY different versions of games at once. Is it going to be replacing games made by Triple A companies, indie game creators, and/ or the professionals? Not by a long shot. Its too short and it can only be played online. You can't download anyone's games as far as I know. Especially, at the deathbed of the PS4 even if it will be ported to the PS5. Its still fun to have. The games can only be played inside of the "DREAMS" Dreamiverse anyways. Which means, you have to own the actual game or downloaded game of Dreams in order to play it. You can't just download an app player like the RPG Maker Player for RPG MAKER FES for the 3DS or the "free" programs of the Unreal Engine or Unity (which I could not use at all) and just play the games. You gotta own it. Its still worth it though.

    If you have an original idea for a game and it ain't a platform, you're not gonna get the full feel of how you would want it to be with this game. Thought its a nice attempt and fairly imaginably possible.

    My score: 8.5 out of 10.


    Even though I first thought of this game back sometime in 2001.

  2. Guys, is there a name for this accent? It sounds very interesting! I'm not a native English speaker and it's the first time I've heard a person saying "games" and "begin" this way 2:14 🙂

  3. If I could afford it, I'd go out and buy a PS4 and Dreams right now. I'd been hearing about this and Project Spark for years now, as well as the LittleBigPlanet series for much longer than that. I'm glad to see that Dreams has more than met my expectations, to put it mildly, and I can't stop thinking about it. I love playing with creation tools of all kinds, from ZZT and Megazeux, Amazing Island and Graffiti Kingdom, to SmileBasic and RPG Maker, and this looks like the most powerful yet accessible game creation tool ever made. And being able to collaboratively share and use assets with ease is a boon. I hope the PlayStation community enjoys the hell out of this, and I hope I get the chance to join in on the fun some day.

  4. A company has spent 7 years on its project and me iam trying to create a crysislike game in one month and not even after the first week i get extremely bored then i quit…
    And this goes on in a cycle….

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