Defector Review (Twisted Pixel Games) - Rift

Defector Assessment (Twisted Pixel Video games) – Rift

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18 thoughts on “Defector Assessment (Twisted Pixel Video games) – Rift

  1. See the comparisons for 20 bucks and be happy with the fun moments you get of. It could be every time better and better but why not just injoing time and realise how fare we got with vr since the last 5 years!

  2. kinda lame that the game lost its more grounded spy identity and opted for a full on sci-fi approach, with only 5 missions to boot. $20 is the maximum I'd pay for that. Plus this is the end product we got after it was delayed a full year. Remember that.

  3. I personally loved the game. Yeah it’s kind of short with 5 missions and 4/5 having branches. But it’s still really fun. I loved the fighting and I love the surprises shot at you. I feel that the gun play is a bit stiff but the game lets you experience things that are amazing. LIKE FCKING JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE IN A SPORTS CAR. And they feel amazing. This game is a fun game and I think is totally worth $20

    That’s my review. Goodbye now

  4. Who cares… the game is a Oculus Store exclusive….
    If we keep doing exclusives … and VR being a nieche its going to kill whats left of VR … bad choice fucking greedy money hungry facebook

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