CrossFire: Xbox Game Pass Delivers Another Hit | Outriders Review | PS+ Games | Cyberpunk Update

CrossFire: Xbox Recreation Move Delivers One other Hit | Outriders Assessment | PS+ Video games | Cyberpunk Replace

Be a part of us tonight as we focus on how Xbox has lately turned Recreation Move right into a will need to have service by including new third celebration video games day and date with out having …

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13 thoughts on “CrossFire: Xbox Recreation Move Delivers One other Hit | Outriders Assessment | PS+ Video games | Cyberpunk Replace

  1. Does not matter what any of yall played or purchased. Gamepass is for everyone, not just yall. The points yall make about nothing being in there is nonsense. There is games for everyone, not just CrossFire. SMDH.

  2. Why do people say gamepass gets casuals to play. Gamepass's best value is for the hardcore. If you play 4 games per year and get those games for $40 you undercut gamepass. If you play 40 games per year ain't no way in hell you undercut gamepass.

  3. It's possible Microsoft didn't need to pay MLB all that much to get the game onto Game Pass. There are a lot of benefits to MLB putting the game on Game Pass even without added financial incentive from Microsoft. The reason they wanted the game to go multiplat in the first place is because they wanted to advertise their sport to a wider audience. And putting it on Game Pass is a great way to introduce the game to Xbox gamers. Many of them will fall in love with the game and purchase it next year. Plus there is the dirty, dirty microtransaction angle.

  4. Funny all this outriders and mlb the show talk. Meanwhile in the real world LoL:wild rift released on iOS and Android in NA this week. The biggest game release of the year and not a word???

  5. Im not buying game pass or anything Microsoft. Sony has a lot of triple A games that won’t change . Good for xbox . I’m not budging one bit . Been playing Playstation since ps1 . Playstation till i die .

  6. Xbox is playing for sales year 2-3 not the core gamers. Each generation is different and Xbox definitely has a value to win this one. If their 1st party games delivered they can be dominant this generation.

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